Allow for open dialogue in rock 'n roll

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Today, rock 'n roll isn't the same as it was when it was first born. No matter which of the countless genres of music born out of rock n roll you listen to, the message has always been a revolt against what is expected of us as human beings.  With that came throwing out television sets out of hotel windows, and offending people who disagreed with you. Rock 'n roll is about allowing people to be as they please; loud, wild, and free. Not living up to other people's expectations. A new style of music that has been called "devils music" since it started. And we need to keep it that way. 

Unfortunately, there has been a regressive group of people in music scenes across the country who are now trying to ban lyrics, ban guitar pedals, and ban certain bands from playing at venues and festivals. These people have gone full circle from wanting to ban Frank Zappa's music in the 80's to now where anything that isn't pleasing to them must be removed, banned, and ruined. These people have no place in music or rock 'n roll, or any music genre for that matter.

We are now seeing priveleged, entitled, rich, and whiny girls complaining about how indie scenes have been dominated by white men. They have an inability to appreciate what is good about the men from every walk of life that created rock 'n roll. They assign value based on what skin color you have and what gender you are more than anything else, and this creates the division we see between people today and has turned them into the racists that they claim to be fighting. These women have it so good, with gender equality having long since been achived, that they are running out of causes to oppose are now complaining about the most miniscule things a human could possibly complain about. They are not allowing for diversity of thought, and are making rock 'n roll a mushy, politically correct, elitist safe space.

This petition is to show that political correctness and neo-liberal elitism shouldn't be allowed to take over music, and to show that there should be a fair and honest discussion about where some musicians are focusing their now regressive values. We must stop focusing on gender and race and begin to tear down the absurd barriers being created that silence free speech and diminish creativity. 

Let's hear everybody's voice, both left and right, instead of banning people we disagree with. Simply calling someone "racist, sexist, homophobic" etc. shouldn't be enough to ruin somebody's career. Let's stop the regressive politics and enjoy the diversity of minds in all the different music scenes. 

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