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Do not sell the "Nenuco Won't Eat Doll"

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The "Nenuco Won't Eat Doll" is a danger to the health of young children, especially young girls. By manufacturing a doll that encourages the refusal of food unless she is forced to eat, you are modeling and encouraging behaviors in young girls that can have serions health consequences. The reality is that the girls who play with these dolls are young and impressionable. They will see their doll as an example of how they should act when being fed and then refuse food as well. This can cause eating disorders in young children. 

More and more, younger children are being diagnosed with eating disorders. Recent research has shown that eating disorders have a strong genetic link and when coupled with the right environment and societal messages, they'll manifest. The media and the advertising industry are already sending enough messages to young girls that tell them they aren't good enough. 80% of ten-year-old girls think they are fat. Almost 50% of 9-11 year olds are frequently on diets (Gustafson-Larson & Terry, 1992). 

I have struggled with an eating disorder for 7 years of my life, and it has been the worst 7 years of my life. One of the greatest influences of my turning to restrictive eating patterns was the messages portrayed around me that it was okay to diet and it was okay to not eat. This is not true. If we, as a society, keep sending messages to young girls that restrictive eating is okay, more and more young girls are going to develop eating disorders. 

So please, sign this petition. Ask Nenuco to not release the "Won't Eat Doll" and to take it off the shelves where it has already been released. Let's protect the next generations from thinking that not eating food is okay. Let's take a stand and make a change and tell society that these messages are not okay to be told to our daughters, our sisters, our cousins, our neighbors, and our loved ones.

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