Holywell Ponds in Peterborough must remain Wild

Holywell Ponds in Peterborough must remain Wild

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Started by Maura Brewster

Holywell Ponds are an area of outstanding natural beauty originally constructed to raise fish for a local monastery with water from Holywell Spring which flows into them.

People walk and fish there, swans, ducks and other waterbirds nest there. Frogs and newts breed there and bees, birds, squirrels, rabbits and small mammals live there. Children play games there and I myself regularly walk there.

After helping clean the spring pool someone is turning the area into their garden. Bees nests have been routed, trees planted and decorated with ribbons, paper and other unnatural things that often damage wildlife. Magpies love flashy things and are likely to be hurt by them. Squirrels could mistake them for food or use inappropriately for nest material.

Ground has been cleared of nettles, thistles, flowers, grass and brambles to plant perennial garden flowers. Stones from pond walls used to build pathways and now one of the main wildflower and grass areas is being dug up to plant, you’ve guessed it, a wildflower garden.

People were kept busy here during Covid, it’s time to stop and allow this area to revert to its natural state of wild beauty.

Lets not murder wildlife, lets live with it.

47 have signed. Let’s get to 50!