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I will tell you her story, I am always the optimist and hope you will join our efforts to really, save this Man's life..

Nelson Ortiz has a felony from many years ago, over 23 years since he has ever committed a crime, as any of us do, we are not perfect. For more than 20 plus years he has been a productive and loving father, the picture attached shows him with his Children.

When he committed his unforgiving act two decades ago he was deported and like many good Immigrants he came back to be with his wife and rebuild his life. He did, started a business, a family and a good life... except that he made one more minor mistake he went out with his brother had one too many drinks and now he is in custody of ICE.

You may say so what, well it is not that easy, in El Salvador it is very different to readjust and for Nelson he faces imminent danger. His cousin who was deported two years ago ended up being viciously murdered, he was decapitated into multiple pieces.

Nelson's family fears the same will happen to him. That is one reason we are asking for your help to save this Man's life.

Most importantly, I am asking for your support on behalf of his Children and his wife Anna. Within the next few days we will be launching a Petition TO GIVE NELSON A CHANCE TO BE WITH HIS FAMILY IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT AND ASK THAT ICE GRANT HIM A STAY OF DEPORTATION.

Please Join me. Do it for his Children, he has paid his debt to society...Another Chance at LIFE.

Thank You

Make a Phone Call

1. Call ICE – John Morton (202.732.3000)

And ask for Nelson Ortiz to be realeased 

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