Free Recess Accommodation For Nursing Students

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By law, nursing students are required to complete a certain number of practical hours to fulfil the requirements of their course. This means that they must work throughout the semester including recess, whereby they complete majority of the required hours. This is not by choice but a requirement by the university. 
In the year 2014, a delegation from nursing students was sent to try and negotiate for the inclusion of free recess accommodation with the then Director of Student Housing, Dr Shupping Mphuru. It was then agreed that nursing students will be accommodated for free during recess on account that they provide first aid talks to the on – campus residences. This was done in 2014 but due to logistics, poor attendance by residences and lack of support from the student housing, we were unable to make the talks efficient and effective. 
For years, we were treading on thin ice as we had to negotiate for accommodation every recess which causes anxiety and panic from students as they feel that the university is not meeting them halfway by providing accommodation to students during recess. The hectic BCur course is also not assisting as we have limited time to be on campus thus hindering the chances for us to negotiate fully or to offer services to students on campus.

Moving Forward

We as nursing students feel that it has been far too long that we have been trying to engage the university in this regard. We have engaged from our lectures up to the Vice Chancellor but still we remain marginalised, oppressed and uncared for by the university. We think that it is unfair for the off-campus accommodation office to focus on getting extra funds through the holiday accommodation whilst registered students are excluded from residence due to them being unable to pay. 
As student leaders, we have tried to contain the situation as much as we can as students are hell bent at protesting this issue and take any steps possible for them to receive free accommodation during recess. It is not the fault of the students that they are required to work during recess and if the university cannot accommodate these students during recess then they must plan as to ensure that nursing students are not required to stay behind during recess. 
It is with utmost importance that such be implemented as this issue has been dragging on for years now. A lasting solution needs to be achieved so that we can move on as students. Nelson Mandela was a leader who fought against discrimination, injustice and unfair process. As a university bearing his name, we have to live up to his ideals and remove all injustices present so as to live up to the values of such a great leader. Ours is simple, we need and demand free accommodation on campus during recess. This is an ideal that we will continue to feel strongly about, now and until this issue is resolved. As nurses, we really do appeal to the university to take this issue with the seriousness that it deserves, failure to do so may lead to a situation that is beyond our control as leaders.

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