Nelson's Electric Fruit Courier - Delivery of fresh, locally gleaned fruit via e-bike!

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We want to distribute fresh, locally gleaned fruit in Nelson, BC by electric bike and sustainable transportation, and you can help us!

We at the Nelson Community Food Centre are inspired to find how we can transport and use all of the produce we glean through our Harvest Rescue programs each summer and fall. By increasing our sustainable transportation efforts, we hope to reduce our carbon consumption while increasing local food consumption in Nelson.  

By signing this petition you can provide us with the momentum to show potential funders that our community is interested in opportunities to transport our fruit sustainably in Nelson and the West Kootenays. This initiative will work to help low-income individuals get access to nutritious food, increase fruit picking for overwhelmed fruit tree owners, and reduce bear and wildlife attractants - often leading to animal destruction. There is an abundance of fresh fruit in Nelson, BC being wasted and we can work to change that.

The Nelson Community Food Centre's Harvest Rescue team of amazing volunteers and fruit tree owners are doing their best to have fruit from our own backyards be properly distributed to organizations, individuals, restaurants, schools, and many more throughout our neighbourhoods. You - from anywhere in the world - can help us take the next step towards food sovereignty. Please sign and share so we can demonstrate that our community desires better food security and increased fruit distribution.

Thank you for your support from all of Nelson!