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Change the speed limit and road environment on Seafield Terrace and Glen Road

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Speeding vehicles along Seafield Terrace (the road leading to the beach), and Glen Road have been worsening over the last few years.  The Glen is a very popular area for many people to come and walk the Boulder Bank, play at the reserve or on the playground, swim and play on the beach, and indulge in recreational activities such as fishing, spearfishing, kayaking, and surfing.  This means increased traffic in the area, even more now that the Glen Reserve and playground has been developed.

There are a lot of residential houses along the route and a very high number of children living in this community.  There is no footpath, kids have to wait on the side of the road for school bus pick up and are dropped off on the side of the road, and there is an open ditch which permanently retains water in it right down one side of the road, limiting further the area beside the road.

There are also 2 farms along Glen Road, with cows and other animals crossing regularly, creating a hazard - sometimes on corners that have restricted visibility.

There have been a number of crashes on this road, and a number of stories of children and parents having to leap to avoid vehicles racing along the road without any concern for the safety of these people.  I myself have had a close call with my young children whilst waiting for the school bus on the side of the road, having to jump out of the way and pull my child almost into the open ditch to avoid being struck.

Over the few years there has been a marked increase in the number of cars racing up and down the road, doing an estimated speed of at least 100 kph in the 50kph zone. 

Repeated pleas to both the council and police have resulted in nothing happening.  The council have twice installed speed repeaters on Seafied Terrace and as a result of the evidence have admitted there is a major speeding problem.  They have previously advised me that to either reduce the speed of the areas, or install speed calming devices (which we have repeatedly requested they look into) would require a huge overhaul of the entire roads with re-surveying and changing the whole environment of the roads.  The police have repeatedly advised the only thing that can be done is for residents to call *555 when we see a speeding vehicle, and to get the car description and registration.  This is most often impossible to do when a car speeds past and is gone before you can get it.

We, the residents of this community have had enough, and would like the council to urgently look into this issue and try to help it by reducing the speed limits considerably and installing speed calming devices.  We have done our best to try to curb this behaviour ourselves, now it is the council's turn to come to the party before one of us or our childrens' lives are tragically affected or taken.


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