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Ban Member MP36PH3S

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1. Blatant disrespect for senior and knowledgeable members.
2. Disrespect of wishes to file creators.

These are the two most major things that I can see that Mr. Jason Liu has done. The fact of the matter is, there are quite a few members that are tired of the cumbersome posts, disrespect, and all out drivel this person has posted. He's created a crack in the MSTS Community, and as the police of this forum, the people who are supposed to make sure that the community does not run a muck, I petition you. Remove this member from this website.

He's a toxic cell, and he will infect good ones. Just read the latest battle that's been caused. In plain black and white it is been stated, the line has been drawn. People are tired of this person, and are with-drawling from the forum as well as not posting any of their own work for fear of it being misused in the wrong hands. Many are suffering for the careless actions of one.

And it can be prevented.

Action must be taken against him, whether a total ban or period is put against him, but not only that. It must be made CLEAR to him why this is being done to him. I've watched this forum lose many solid people due to careless actions of fools. They've either left the hobby totally or moved to other places. It must be stopped, now.

Nothing says this forum cannot return to what it was like before, their are a lot of decent and talented people left, but if you let the mentally ill run the asylum, they will be driven away. Leadership is the key, and you are the people. Please, swift action is needed, and even action in the future. A soft hand will not fix this issue, real change is needed to right the course.

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