Bring Back Gator Break

Bring Back Gator Break

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Throughout our whole lives, we have been told to fight for what we believe in and in this day and age we need to more than ever. A lot of us were here when Gator Break was only 15 minutes. When We returned for the school year 2018-2019 and found out that Flex Time was now 30 minutes a lot of us were immediately ecstatic. 15 Minutes was not enough time for us to get much done . But with 30 minutes a lot of us are able to talk to teachers and counselors, run errands in the building and it was especially helpful to those who can’t stay after school everyday.


  • Why did Flex Time get Canceled?

Flex Time was cancelled because as a student body we made irresponsible decisions. 

There is no need to point blame to a specific class but we are not responsible for anyone’s actions but our own.

Several past alterations during Flex Time resulted in the unsafe and completely disruptive traveling of the student body to that location.

  • An Apology 

As Seniors at Reservoir HS we would like to apologize to the administrators and Instructors for the disruptive behavior of the Student Body. As we are still maturing we are yet to understand that we need to think about our actions before executing them and it was irresponsible of us as a student body to entertain foolish behavior. 

  • Why Flex Time is Important:

- Not all students can come in before or After school so Flex time was an opportunity for getting help and speaking to counselors 
-Social Time and Unstructured Time is good for Mental Health
-It gives Teachers more time for meaningful interaction for their student 
-A lot of Students spend this time to finish their work
-It gives students without Internet access at home an opportunity to use the computers here at school for their work
-Contrary to popular belief some students actually need this time to finish homework or finish a test  and even study just a tiny bit more for  tests 


  • A Compromise 

We believe that there are other options besides cancelling Flex

We could: 

-Shorten the time to 20 minutes 
-We Could have the locations  more controlled 
-We are willing to discuss anything you believe is suitable but please don’t cancel Gator Break yet at least without hearing the students out.

  • Our Efforts 

Even if our petition does not move you just know that we will continue to fight for what we believe in 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!