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Petitioning Karen W. Katz, President Neiman Marcus Last Call Please Give us Thanksgiving Back!!!!

Neiman Marcus Last Call Please Give us Thanksgiving Back! No openings on Thanksgiving Day at 9pm!!


Thanksgiving should NOT be a holiday afforded only to the rich. This Thanksgiving, while corporate officers, and Full Line store employees are home celebrating the holiday w/ family, employees at the Clearance Last Call division will be at work! And to add insult to injury, employees working Thanksgiving Day at 8:45pm are only getting 1 day off this week as our store is counting Thursday as a day off, even though we will work from 8:45pm Thursday to 6am Friday. This is truly a case of the "Grich" (Greedy Rich) stealing Thanksgiving!! This year, while the elite are home, the working poor will either be at work, or standing in line all day for "doorbuster sales"!!  Neiman Marcus has always been touted as an exemplary company to work for.  As an employee of many years, I had always been proud to work or such a great company. However, the choice to open at 9pm Thanksgiving Day, and the choice to give only 1 day off this week are not to NM standards.   Furthermore, I would like to request that consumers stay home with their families on Thanksgiving.  Shoppers, please shop JCP,and other retailers that are waiting to open on Friday!! They are struggling, but are still treating their employees with dignity and respect.  It saddens me to say that the same can no longer be said about Neiman Marcus.

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Karen W. Katz, President Neiman Marcus Last Call Please Give us Thanksgiving Back!!!!
Please, do not make us work Thanksgiving Day at 9pm!! And please rescind the decision to make some of us work a 6 day week on Thanksgiving week.

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