Make the Alien Film that Neill Blomkamp created concept art for.

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Us Alien fans have been waiting for a true sequel to the franchise for YEARS. After the failures that were Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, and the awful AVP series, we want a really good addition to the series. The thing that personally appealed to me the most about this series of photos from Neill Blomkamp's instagram profile,, was that there was one photo with an older Ripley and-- HICKS! He had a burnt face, showing that the concept art followed what happened during Aliens, the fact that Hicks had a face burnt by acid. Although, we never saw the acid burns on his face because he was covered in bandages. In Alien 3, Hicks was unrightfully killed, so his burnt face was never shown. Due to the fact that he's in that concept art, I figured that Neill Blomkamp intended to ignore the sequels to Aliens. This made me fill with joy, and i'm sure that others appreciated that as well. Neill Blomkamp stated, "Was working on this. Don't think I am anymore. Love it though." I really love you're ideas Mr. Neill Blomkamp, and I really want to see them on the silver screen. Even Sigourney Weaver herself said that the story needs to be finished. So please, keep other directors who will probably make another bad sequel that will ruin the series's name again, and make something unique.

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