Spotify fire Joe Rogan Because of his racist remarks And rhetoric

Spotify fire Joe Rogan Because of his racist remarks And rhetoric

February 7, 2022
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Dear Spotify I am writing you with respect and appreciation. 


However I am very concerned about Joe Rogan and his racist rhetoric , so my question is how can you continue to allow him to have a podcast or be on your platform. 


I stand up against hate racism and bigotry in our country And I really thought you did to. 


I love Spotify and I’ve been a strong supporter of Spotify however it seems to me that Spotify does not support African-Americans or people of color and thats shameful and hurtful. 


Spotify I am very disappointed in you and I love you guys so much I just don’t understand why would you put Money over Racism but Most important money over people who matters.


With respect and conclusion of my email to you i  Darrell Kelley Denounce Joe Rogan my advice to you is you should depart with this man as well We need to know where you stand on racism.


A lot of your African-American artist and Influencers does not appreciate his words or actions and your stocks has fallen And you will continue to lose more more artists on your platform and money.


Hatred in this world has to end And you can make a difference today Cancel him.


Respectfully  submitted




Darrell Kelley An African-American who grew up in projects And experienced Racism-all his life And the people I grew up with was never consider people from planet of the apes. 


I used to encounter the word Nigger Almost every day from my neighborly friends  South Boston

I am crying thinking about those days. 


Thank you Spotify





Bishop Darrell Kelley 

An independent artist/activist


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Signatures: 93Next Goal: 100
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