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Despite the fact that the Bowen method of treating body biomechanical issues has originated from one person, namely Thomas Bowen, nevertheless his methods have been splintered into various factions creating divisions of various kinds. While we are not saying that this has resulted in a complete catastrophe as with all things there are some good aspects to fractionalisation. Nevertheless it is now time for a change. To use Alistair McLoughlin’s words (in a recent post in the Facebook page “Bowen Therapy Worldwide”) “….The answer starts with this: recognising and embracing the diversity within our Bowen community and losing the outdated notion that there is only one way of learning Bowen - only one path to the top of the mountain…” It is now time for us to unite together & work together for the common goal of taking our modality to another level, based on the principle of diversity & the concept that we all have something to contribute.
So what is the plan, how can we create this change, what is needed to transform the current splintered Bowen community? Well first of all we have two separate Bowen associations in Australia. Each one of them believes that in some way that their way is the right way and that if they merge together they will somehow lose their identity or uniqueness. Based on Alistair’s words above this way of thinking is out-dated we need to embrace the principles of diversity and unit together, becoming stronger and a better representative of a transforming tactile therapy.
Secondly we have lots of different Bowen schools, all competing with one another using their own brand of uniqueness to attract students. Again we are not saying that the schools should stop presenting their own uniqueness and merge their ideas into one. But what we are saying is that having schools teaching in a splintered system leads to repetitive training in basic methods and hence higher costs to the Bowen student and practitioners. In addition to this each school has to spend lots of money on advertising to continue to compete with others. The competition leads to further higher costs to the Bowen practitioner and creates situations where many classes are cancelled due to lack of numbers. If all of the schools came together under one course of study everyone would gain out of this united structure. Each school would still retaining their uniqueness, but would have a greater chance of gaining class numbers and hence income. The new association would be happier as they now have a standard benchmark that all of their members would need to attain to. The members would be happier in that they would not now need to pay for similar training over and over again from each school.
The new association could take a fresh look at our Bowen Therapy modality. They could redefine it not only for present purposes but more importantly define where we all want it to go. The schools could then collectively start creating more advanced courses designed to present to the members cutting edge techniques. This together with an annual update of new methods of diagnosis and treatment at conferences by “grass roots” practitioners will lift the effectiveness of all Bowen therapists up to a higher level.
The new association could fund a research program designed to verify the effectiveness of Bowen therapy using the medical system’s imaging methods of diagnosis and other modern scientific apparatus. The medical world would have no scientific reason for objecting to our work and our status as a health provider would possibly be changed. We may even obtain a new status being recognised as a registered health provider with Australian Health Practitioner Regulations Agency (AHPRA).

We the undersigned members of the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia are expressing our will that our executive of our committee do the following:
1. That our association resolve their differences with the Bowen Association of Australia and unite into one association.
2. That the new combined association define Bowen therapy and where it is going so that a pathway forward in terms of its future training can be established.
3. That the new association encourages all of the Bowen schools to unite under one basic course of study resulting in a qualification to the level of a diploma. Each school may continue to be separate, providing their own uniqueness and philosophy to the course.
4. That cutting edge Bowen methods are made available to members through the following ways:
• From all of the schools input in producing an advanced course of study (above diploma) that provides the latest in cutting edge Bowen techniques.
• That all Bowen conferences provide an adequate time for grass roots people to present their new enervations to difficult cases.
5. That the new combined association launches into a research program that uses medical imaging techniques and other scientific apparatus to prove objectively the value of Bowen therapy.

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