Abolish toll charges on the Gateway and Logan motorways in Qld

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The people of Queensland own the Gateway and Logan motor ways until our government lead by Campbell Newman secretly created a lease and took our rights away from us. This happened despite Anna Bligh being ousted in 2012 for selling our assets. Many people would argue that we need tolls on our newly established bridges and tunnels to pay for their cost; however this is not the case with the Gateway and Logan motorways. Both motorways were initially built back in the late 1980’s and despite them both undergoing upgrades more recently, they rightfully should remain in our control, unless we decide otherwise. For those that are still not convinced that we own these roads consider the following.
According to a report on the ABC on the 25th April 2014 our Queensland government sold the rights to these and other roads to a private company Transurban for $7B dollars. If they did this then we must have owned the roads, as you cannot sell the rights to something you do not own, or have a substantial interest in. By the way where did the $7B go?
The Logan Motorway attracts 58 million vehicles per year and the Gateway Bridge attracts 42 million per year, which would put the income for Transurban just from these two toll roads alone at close to $1B per year!
So where are the tolls of hardworking Queenslanders going? They do not go to the government; they are providing the executives of Transurban a life of luxury. CEO Scott Charlton received $5.8M in salary in 2016.
To make matters worse in October 2016 the Brisbane times announced that the Logan Motorway will be tolled up until 2051. The Gateway according to Wikipedia will be tolled up to 2041. Can you or I stand by and allow this extortion racket to continue?

For more facts about the toll rort watch this 4 minute video http://youtu.be/93yW6XhMYp4

Bob Jarvis is planning to take a class action against Transurban and the Queensland government for violating our rights as set out in the Australian constitution. He must have a solid case because Bob uses the tolled roads freely but Transurban are not game to take him to court for unpaid tolls. This petition will help Bob’s task immensely. If Bob knows that he can count on thousands of Queenslanders to support him in his quest then together we can win.
Bob’s website is www.tollbusterbobjarvis.weebley.com
His Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/bobjarvis.tollbuster

Jeffrey Hodges is the developer and leader of a political party called Consumer Rights and No Tolls. They want to build up their membership to swell their ranks of supporters to ensure that their voice is heard. They do not believe in political donations and they want to end the road toll rort. Membership is free so contact Jeff through jh@no-tolls.org. The party's website is www.no-tolls.org and their Facebook page is  https://www.facebook.com/civillibertiesconsumerrightsnotolls

Petition to Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk
We the undersigned people are expressing our will that you do the following: - End the lease on the Gateway and Logan Motorways and give back the control of these roads to the people of Queensland, abolishing all toll charges on them.