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Bring Back Window Registration Labels in Queensland

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- The requirement to display registration labels was removed from 1 October 2014.

- The facility is available online but not everyone is internet savvy nor accustomed to checking their registration before every trip.

- If mail is not delivered, stolen, or you're simply distracted and drive unregistered by mistake there is no way to wind back the clock and get any period of grace.

- A minimum of $808 fine applies from the day after the registration is expired. This is followed up by late payment fees, administration fees, and SPER penalties so the base registration cost is inflated beyond many customer's ability to pay it back. These are often customers who most need their vehicles to meet life's daily challenges.

- The quintessential coloured sticker on the dash made for an easy reminder when registration was due and the option to have it should be granted customers as an opt-in/opt-out checkbox upon registration of a vehicle.

- Data shows a 10% surge per annum in unregistered vehicle offences (snowballing to many millions in infringements for the coffers of the Department) since the stickers were removed as those most affected are also the least internet savvy and able to cope with changes in technology.

- Having an internet connection to check one's registration is NOT a requirement to live in Queensland. Those most affected are pensioners and rural customers who often simply cannot remember if the paid six or twelve months. Nor should customers be inconvenienced by demanding they attend a Department of Main Roads to check their registration in person or queue on the phones for something they used to be able to do by looking at their window.

- This is the purpose of this petition - please return the option for the coloured stickers to the front corner window of vehicles so drivers don't get stung with thousands in fines for a mindless mistake. On last analysis he benefits of this change are squarely skewed in favour of the Department to the detriment of customers. Change it back please. NOW!

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