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Phillip Gerard Lynch: Ballarat Lawyer, mentally ill and authorities abet via CORRUTION

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Australian law states that any lawyer making false and misleading statements to a court or governmental body has a duty to correct them. That's exactly what this PROVEN mentally ill, impaired liar is going to do. He is guilty of fraud (multiple accounts) theft, bribery, drug use, making illegal deals, withholding documentation from a client for a period of 15 years, lying about cases (or lack of) hiding ALL insurance documents to a client for the same amount of time, covering for dodgy doctors, lying to TWO insurance companies, robbing someone of their entire life causing bodily harm and impending death. When he throws dust in people eyes to cover his crimes, he needs exposing, made to account and be sanctioned. Phillip Gerard Lynch from Ballarat, Mount Hellen puts the Victorian Legal Community in disrepute. And those who allowed it, need to be exposed. Plenty of documents and recordings will follow later on. The surveillance act of 1999 enables Australians to legally record any conversations they are a party to. It can be used to protect ones interest. For the purposes of the wrongs act, fair work act, crimes act, they will be used to show what he did. There is no place in the law community for a dirty lawyer. And there's no excuses for dirty investigators/organisations. You never got away with abetting or hurting me due to your ineptness.

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