Allow Nail Envy Tiverton to continue trading from Ford Road, Tiverton.

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I have been working from a room at home, as a Nail Technician/Beauty Therapist, with permission from the council, since January 2017. 

I work, alone, 3-5 days per week, with only 1 client visiting at a time. I don't work evenings. I have a parking space to accommodate my clients vehicle. My neighbors fully support me. I submit an annual tax return and I do not claim any benefits.

I believe I have been singled out by Mr Pritchard at MDDC for reasons I can only speculate. 

Please help me fight this unfair decision by signing and sharing this petition. 

Timeline of events

In January 2017, I quit my job as a Bookkeeper and start my beauty business, with permission from MDDC to run this business from a room at home. I register self employed and follow all H&S and COSHH regulation. 

Late September 2018 I receive a phone call, from MDDC, accusing me of having no permission... All record has been lost by them.

I prove I do have permission. 

A few days later, I received a phone call and a letter stating I have more clients than when I started and I am accused of having some sort of structure in my garden,  which I don't have planning permission for. I must stop trading IMMEDIATELY. Cutting off my income, with no notice and my clientele that I worked so hard to build, often working for a loss, in early days, destroyed. 

I enter an appeal, which took 3 weeks to consider. 

I prove I don't have a structure in my garden, when my room is finally visited by MDDC. she deemed my work space perfectly suitable. No concerns are raised. Infact she had to gaze around the room in order to gain inspiration of what to ask me, as she appeared dis-organised, arrived late, looked harassed, and had no questions prepared. 

8 days later, I received a letter stating, for yet more, inconsistent and invalid reasons, the answer is still no. One of the reasons is the fact I have 900 Facebook followers and 300 Instagram followers. Another reason is that my Tax return shows I have a FEW more clients than when I started. These are the only reasons they still stand by, according to my last correspondence via email. The fact they visit one at a time has been totally dis regarded. 

My neighbors fully support me in this appeal and have contacted MDDC to express their views. 

So here I am still fighting to save the business I have worked so hard to build. I have invested myself fully into my passion. For my families future, please sign and share to support my fight and raise awareness of this issue of a total disregard to what's fair at MDDC. Please share once signed. 

Thankyou for your time. 

Zara Nichols

Update.. I have been informed the council deem a MARKET STALL an appropriate alternative. There are many reasons this is not an option, including, natural light curing the gel polish, during application, making it impossible to paint with. Aswell as debris from the air being a huge issue. My clients visit me at home for a reason, they can arrive with no make up on, or straight from/before the gym. Relocating to a public area in the centre of town, would mean I lose my clientele.