Revoke the decision to prohibit the biological mother to be with her kids

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I am campaigning for the rights of every mother to be with her children and be part of their life.

Last month, UK Family Court has concluded that the children are secure being with an abusive father until they are 18 years old. Working as a Pediatric Consultant in the NHS, I am potentially safe to work with other children, but was deemed to be an unfit mother looking after my own children. I am being prohibited from meeting the teachers at school without the permission of the father. I have been asked not to approach the children in Public places as it might upset them. The conclusion was made based on assumptions and not on facts. Request for a Fact-Finding Hearing was disregarded. Despite the pressure, my 7 year old son said to the Social worker that he wish to see and talk to me but is being stopped by the Dad. When requested for access at least to my Son, it was disregarded by the CAFCASS worker stating that this would amount to kids separation. I am being denied direct access to my children (who are 11 and 7 years age) whilst there were no safeguarding issues, and was offered indirect contact only through letters and presents to the children until they are 18 years old.

The CAFCASS worker and the Social worker expressed that I am an atrocious mother since I ran for my own safety first and abandoned the kids intentionally. They intended that the children are complacent and well-off with the Dad and the Step-Mother and do not envisage that separation from the biological mother would do psychological harm in the long run. They do not consider that he is restraining the kids in anyway.

Despite providing the witness statements from the Live-in nannies, witnessed public complaint and the kids being the prime direct witnesses of the abuse, the Police states that no action can be taken retrospectively since the domestic abuse was reported late.  How can abuse be condoned, whilst I am bearing the after effects and seeking treatment for the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? (being suffocated with clothes, sexually abused, forced to swallow the anti-diabetic medication, consume alcohol, sign various documents and lost consciousness on several occasions)

Why am I forbidden my rights, excluded and jilted from my children’s life? The Legal System, Police, Social Services and the CAFCASS workers should receive more training in dealing with the coercive, manipulative, delinquent people and under no circumstances vindication be granted for abusive individuals!