Regulate all free slot sites & apps that offer in-game purchases

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Who else has been playing the so called Free to play casino games?

They all end up far from free to play once you reach certain levels, and so thats when the in-game purchases begin.

They all seem to end up pay to play, but without any real benefit other then waste time. Im sure we would all be better off on real gambling sites with real chances to win real money, as the amount we end up spending on these free to play casino's is just as much as we would lose on gambling sites if not more.

I personally have had an addiction to slot games, which started on real gambling sites but end up getting me into alot of debt, so i tried to help myself by coming away from the real gambling sites and decided to try the "free casino's". I mean what could i lose by playing the free ones? Right? Wrong..

These free casino's get you hooked just the same as real gambling sites, they integrate social groups for lots of new people to play together.. to talk.. make friends.. do weekly events together to build your club etc which is very appealing.

After they have sucked you in and you want to progress, you will end up having to make in-game purchases because they have their slots on the lowest possible odds. The odds are not even close to the odds on real gambling sites.. they are much worse!

They will tell their players that they use algorithms & such and thats why we all end up losing our coins and end up Buying more with Real money.

I managed to get myself out of debt last year, but after playing these not so free casino's im back to square one! Yes its my own fault, i dont doubt that for a moment. 

I do think all these so called free casino's that simulate real casino's should be Regulated just the same as real casino's as you can lose just as much money and end up in debt like real casino's. The odds should be regulated and there should be a standard right across the board for all these type of games which have in-game purchase abilities.

One example: If you look at Huuuge casino's facebook page you can see that 95% of the comments are actually complaints and players who have spent hundreds if not thousands in this game but huuuge casino just doesn't acknowledge or care about the issues raised.

All i ask is for this to be looked into by the gambling commission or anyone who can help get all these games regulated, because so many people are getting in debt just the same as real gambling sites. Something needs to change.

Thank you.

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