Say "No" to brothels and strip clubs in New Plymouth's main street.

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Siting a brothel and strip club at 53 Devon Street East is not appropriate as it is the heart of our city. This area has high foot traffic of families and children on their way to the various tuition agencies and dance schools in the vicinity. We teach our children to take care of their bodies, and that women's bodies are not commodities, but strip clubs and brothels totally undermine this. We have a duty to protect our children and allowing this business to be placed in such a prominent public place is not being responsible.
In addition a strip club and brothel will have a negative effect on surrounding businesses.

There are three solutions to this problem:
1. We ask the local council to decline Taylor's on-licence tavern adult entertainment application, and to  pass a bylaw which prevents brothels, strip clubs and sex shops being sited in that part of Devon Street which lies in the central business district.

2. We ask the landlord to consider not leasing this property to anyone who wants to use it for a strip club, a sex shop or a brothel, and to consider terminating the lease of the property to Denys Taylor for his proposed business, or not renew the lease when it comes up for renewal.

3. We ask Denys Taylor to consider moving his business to a more discreet address, out of the public eye.

 Research shows an undeniable link between trafficking, pornography and prostituion, so placing a brothel in the midst of our community is not something we should celebrate, or even accept.  Please sign our petition in the hopes of making a change for the better in our city.