Protect Willow Beach Slough, Possum Kingdom Lake

Protect Willow Beach Slough, Possum Kingdom Lake

September 3, 2020
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Neighbors of Possum Kingdom Lake
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Why this petition matters

The residents and neighbors of Willow Beach Slough, East of McGinnis Point and Willow Beach Marina at Possum Kingdom Lake are joining together to voice opposition to a large RV Park at the end of this shallow, narrow slough (Petey's RV Resort). The RV park is planned for the land behind Mr. C’s on Park Rd 36 and FM 2353, next to Mc Adam’s Cemetery and Ponderosa Condominiums. The proposed plans include 60-100 RV slips, 6 (12x36) bungalows, bath/ toilet facilities, laundry facilities, common recreation areas, waste water treatment system with 63,000 sq drip field, and 30 commercial boat slips. As neighbors who share this area of Possum Kingdom Lake, we should all share the concerns over the environmental, safety and community impact to us all.

Population Density Concerns:

  • 60-100 RV spots and 6 bungalows with guests could mean 300-500 additional people in the cove at any given time.
  • Increased noise, pollution, trash, raw sewage, utility usage, water usage and traffic impacts.

Environmental Impact:

  • Septics and Waste Water Treatment OSSF’s can be faulty. Effluent dripped onto a 63,000 sq ft field on that sloping property adjacent to the lake will be effluent IN THE LAKE where our families swim.
  • We have already seen very negative impacts from  over-occupancy and the addition of RVs to their adjacent property over the July 4th holiday that resulted in raw sewage overflow puddles next to the lake.
  • The Waste Water Treatment system proposed cannot process chemicals commonly used in RV storage tanks and will runoff into the slough untreated.

Boat Traffic and Water Safety Impact:

  • The end of this slough near the RV park site is shallow, narrow, and active with children and swimmers.
  • Inexperienced boaters already disregard the long no wake zone.
  • An influx of boats and PWC’s from a 60-100 unit RV  park using the shallow end of the slough as an  entry/exit point plus the addition of commercial boat ramp and 30 boat slips.

Traffic and Safety Impact on the Nearby Roads and Intersections:

  • RVs slowing down and lining up to turn at what is already one of the busiest intersections at PK Lake (Park Rd. 36 and FM 2353) is a serious safety concern.
  • EMS access to the area and response times may be negatively impacted.

Impact to the Historic Site- Pickwick McAdams Cemetery: 

  • The historic marker and cemetery is an important part of the historic culture of this community. The increased road traffic and potential nuisance from the proposed RV resort will negatively impact the parking availability, access and experience of those visiting or interring loved ones.

Security Concerns over a Huge, Transient, Non-owner Population Increase:

  • Trespassing and private dock/ property
    damage are a concern.

Please sign our petition in opposition of this proposed development of a large RV Park on Willow Beach Slough, Possum Kingdom Lake! 

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Signatures: 949Next Goal: 1,000
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