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Change in HOA management company

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To Whom This May Concern:

DRAFT BY: Joyce Pollas ( Waterview resident)

This is an official petition to call for a hearing by the Board of Directors of Waterview to consider the removal of our current management company for the following reasons:

I hereby submit this petition in behalf of the concerned residents of Waterview (Foxcroft). We are requesting to have a hearing by the Board to have the current management company, Associa of Florida, removed as our hired management company. They have a history of ignoring calls, and inquiries of our residents. The current property manager, Alice Connolly is a very rude, and unprofessional woman. She has disrespected residents, and our Board members in private, and public forums.  Ms Connolly has yelled at the residents, and members of the Board, the very ones paying her salary. She has personally told me, when I went to the Associa office to inquire about a few budget questions concerning Waterview “ I don’t care how many times you email me. I won’t answer any questions.... I have over one hundred properties to manage, and I don’t have time.” What kind of management company would first, give one property manager 100 properties to manage, to the point point where she is unable to interact with the clients in a timely manner? And secondly, how can she expect to keep business for the company she represents with her rude, rushed, and unprofessional manner of interactions with residents? She also misquotes or omits policy from Florida Statutes 720 Homeowners Association state guidelines. 1. Alice our property manager, stated that the residents cannot speak at a Board meeting unless it is an “open meeting” this is misinformation. Residents can speak at each and every meeting. The only Board meeting that there is an exception to is a Board meeting that has an attorney present, in which the attorney is giving private information to the Board in a closed session, with attorney-client privileges invoked. In that case we cannot openly attend. 2. When I asked Alice to allow me to come into the Associa office to review the budget records for Waterview, Alice stated “ you cannot make copies of anything, NOT TRUE. According to Statute 720, it states that a resident may make up to 25 copies for free. Copies in excess of 25 pages will incur a fee. 3. Statue 720 states that the management company must perform fiduciary obligations to the community that they are serving both ethically and financially. Which means they must act in our best interest. Ignoring calls, outright saying that they will not answer calls, yelling at residents and Board members, putting out a budget with several errors, and refusing to make corrections until having to be repeatedly challenged by residents and the Board members, is NOT acting in our best interest.

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