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Establishing Stable and Potable Water Resource

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         Water is a natural resource that every human being on Earth can use to satisfy their own needs. It can boost our energy levels that's why it is an important factor for students. The brain won't function well without enough water but with the right amount of water sustains the brain, it will function well and will provide better focus, clarity, creativity, anbd quicker thinking process.

         Here in NEHS Senior High School, the total number of students is 1321, approximately. Almost everyone of them uses the restroom. Complaints started to rise when the water on the restrooms began to smell different, as well as the taste because they use the water for hygienic purposes. Another complaint is, the students bring tumblers for drinking, but their concern is that when their packed-up drinks run out. Buying bottled water is quite expensive because the budget doesn't fit and they might get short.

         Given these circumtances, our group would like to propose the construction of new water pipes in order to prevent the contamination of the water for everyone's safety.

        Another, is to also establish water fountains on specific parts of the school so the students, as well as the teachers, would have a source of drinkable water anytime they need it. 

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