let animals live

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'Nature created all of us, and gave us all equal right to Live.'

I am a Company Secretary by Profession and through this petition appealing to our Hon’ble Prime Minister to put a stop on abusing animals in the name of running a business called 'Zoo'.

Animals play an important role of human life. Wild animal is a kind that normally lives in the wild, for example: elephants, tigers, rhinos(if any left on the earth) and many others. They live in the wild with spacious and natural environment. Throughout history, humans have used animals for entertainment such as the circus, and in modern time places like the zoo aquarium. Many humans kept them in the zoo, as an attraction for the sake of the money They didn’t think of the wild animals habitat, and there are some problems arise from keeping them in cages. The shock of being in captivity would depress the animals; they would even act hysterically and might hurt people near them. An incident also happened nearly in September 2014, in Delhi Zoo where a Man was killed by a white tiger and it is not the animal to be fault. There are few reasons why animals should not be kept in the zoos;

1.      To keep ecosystem balanced we must stop the concept of Zoos

2.      Zoo can not provide enough space; therefore, they cannot run around so as to grow up freely.

If you still think Zoo is a safer place for wild life, I want you to imagine yourself in a zoo for just a day.

I know we can’t imagine our lives in a zoo. In fact, many people have complaints now a days that they are getting bored in this lockdown, as they cannot step out. Just imagine how wildlife spends their whole life in a limited space in zoo.

I hereby urge you to sign this petition and help to give equal rights to live freely to wild animals.

Let’s make a better world for all of us and stop the concept of Zoos.

"Together we can make a difference"

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CS Neha Vijay