NEGOP Should Represent You and Me

NEGOP Should Represent You and Me

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Patrick Peterson started this petition

The majority of Republican voters do not support the current establishment, nor their candidates.

We had tried since last December to work with Executive Director Taylor Gage to heed the voice of the conservative grassroots movement throughout the great state of Nebraska. We didn't have high expectations heading in to his tenure as ED of the party, nevertheless we tried to cultivate some kind of relationship. We kept reaching out and all we received was radio silence. There was no relationship fostered whatsoever.

Instead, it was made clear by Chairman Dan Welch, in his own words, that the party would be working in the interest of Governor Ricketts and Taylor was instrumental in carrying out this agenda, again, all the while ignoring the voice of We The People. Take for instance the Governor's Race: there was a clear rebuke of the Rickett’s backed candidate in the primary. Only 34% of Republican Voters cast their ballot for Jim Pillen. As one Republican Strategist noted, “No one has spent more money attacking Republicans in the state of Nebraska than Pete Ricketts.” Unfortunately, though not surprisingly, the Nebraska Swamp has become fluent in exercising the Democratic Playbook and have been using these unethical tactics to their advantage. After maligning people’s character and directly targeting opponents in abhorrent and sick ways, the swamp doubled down and called for “Unity” after the contentious primary.

Another noteworthy example to point out how fractured the party is would be the Secretary of States’ race. Assuming the election results are correct, 56% of Republican Voters voted for the two candidates that were running largely on election integrity and transparency, not the incumbent. Does the state party think that more than half of the voters for Secretary of State are going to just fall in line and vote as they’re told? These voters will not allow election integrity to be pushed to the wayside and the integrity of their votes to continue to be undermined. Conservatives of the New Right want action. They want a fighter. They want representatives who are going to demand answers, who are going to do the hard work, and who are going to actually represent the majority of voters. Bob Evnen has a lot of improvements to make; it’s chalking up to be a much busier four years for him than the last, if he's doing it right. 

The point is this: to think that the new wave of Republican Voters and the energy they bring would ever throw their support behind a heinous bunch of individuals that have done whatever they could to win and maintain their stranglehold of power across the state, all the while destroying the state party over the last few years, is entirely asinine.

Nonetheless, these people live in such a comfortable and secluded world they cannot begin to grasp where a majority of constituents' hearts and minds are at. Simply, people are tired of the status quo. They are tired of being used, lied to, and told who they can support and how they can support them. They are tired of the Ricketts/Orr Oligarchy being the top decision-maker in this state; and classic henchwoman, Jessica Flanagain, and her nefarious ways as the enforcement arm. The voice of We The People is fed up –  we are done being canceled and silenced by those select few at the top.

Those who control the leadership at the state level have absolutely destroyed the integrity and trust of the Nebraska Republican Party across this state. This isn’t a time for uniting behind the same people who have given us nothing but mismanagement of money and resources, destroying candidates who won’t walk solely to the beat of their drum, and silencing activists and volunteers within the party who voice anything in opposition or variation to their will. “Unity” involves compromise and listening.

The fight is here and the time is now. 

Those at the NEGOP and Rickett’s subordinates aren’t interested in actual unification. They just don’t want you to rock the boat; but, the New Right of Conservative Voters are awake. There is no loss of enthusiasm or grassroots momentum from the May 10th Primary. 

In turn, we here at the Nebraska Freedom Coalition and Nebraskans Against Government Overreach, along with some good friends of ours, are announcing an outlet for freedom fighters. This is a way for your voice to continue to be heard. This petition will run for 5 months, from June 1st until November 1st, with a goal of 50,000 signatures from Republican Voters.  We will pledge that we will not vote for Jim Pillen nor Bob Evnen unless the following compromises are made to promote unity within the party:

  1.    Axiom Strategies is no longer allowed to operate in our State’s elections.
  2.    NEGOP leadership undergoes a complete overhaul, and any actors involved in harassment of volunteers or members are removed from their positions, effective immediately.
  3.    Election Integrity is immediately addressed by the Secretary of State in an open forum, in conjunction with the state legislature, and sweeping change is enacted to ensure and restore the integrity of our votes in Nebraska.

We would like to think that the state party acts in the best interest of voters and that we could simply trust them; yet “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”  The petition does not include any provision that is lofty. In fact, we see them as very amenable terms. If the NEGOP and those who run the state party really want unity, it’s time for them to start making some concessions as well. 

There’s no other way to put it: Republican Voters in Nebraska have been getting screwed over for too long, and it’s high time we see some changes. We genuinely look forward to connecting with voters and patriots throughout these endeavors, listening to their stories, and promoting the undying message of freedom and independence from the chains that have bound us in the state Republican party for far too long.

Sign the petition today to show your support for a Republican Party that is representative of all of us, a 'big tent' mentality where your voice is heard, your concerns are addressed, and the real issues all of us are facing are tackled. You deserve a Republican party that is invested in your future, not their own political aspirations and power trips.

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