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Go live on Mars

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I do free-to-watch professional art tutorials on YouTube, revealing some of the Art Industries greatest and most prized techniques. In addition to demonstrating and explaining these techniques, each tutorial I feature work by my previous students. One of these students is particularly terrible at art and never seems to follow the tutorials correctly, creating some of the most hideous and monstrous pieces of art that the world has even seen.

I've decided to take drastic measures in attempt to improve his very basic and poor drawing ability. I think that we should unite together, for the sake of Art and send him to live on Mars. 

It makes me very sad that it has come to this. I'm not giving up on him though, I will still teach him via futuristic satellite video-links. I just think that some perspective and distance might help our educational and artistic relationship and maybe he will achieve my dream of him becoming a semi-professional artist.

9/10 Rocket Scientists say that space travel inspires creativity. I hope that by evicting Neef from the planet Earth (Which is where both Neef and myself currently reside) and sending him to live on Mars, we can hopefully teach him how to draw really good!

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