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Pain control legislation needs to stop. Needless suffering is far worse.

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 With the new laws the government has put in place regarding how doctors treat their patients, Not only are you forcing doctors to break the Hippocratic oath, but also forcing patients who have legitimate chronic pain diseases to suffer. Statistically  it is unfair to add in illicit drugs such as heroin. If you remove heroin from the numbers,  The epidemic doesn't exist. Why should 90% of  patients who are prescribed pain medication, have to suffer because of the 10% that choose to abuse their medication.  The interference is going to cause more problems then it will solve. Pain causes high blood pressure,  cardiac death's are the number one leading death in the United States. This is only compounding an already existing problemthen ,adrenal gland insufficiency, the suicide rate will go up, and you will have more people than never turning to heroin because the government has left these patients with no choice.  There is one rare disease out there called syringomyelia . Right now there are 100,000 people that have this extremely debilitating disease that causes chronic severe pain that are being left untreated.  The reason I know this is because I have it. I listen to people from all over the world who are left to suffer through on imaginable pain every day. Most without hope. other chronic pain diseases such is fibromyalgia, lupus, MS and many many others.patients being forced off and taking away any quality-of-life. If you add up all  those  Numbers of patients alone, the need for treatment far outweighs the need to take away treatment. That is medical negligence. Forcing  The citizens of the United States to suffer at the hands of our own government is against the law. The patients should be allowed to speak. After all we are with the people We treat animals with more Humanity then we do the human race.

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