Needham MA Select Board to stop Verizon's installation of cell antennae by Mitchell School

Needham MA Select Board to stop Verizon's installation of cell antennae by Mitchell School

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We, the undersigned residents of the Town of Needham MA, urge the Select Board to stop Verizon from installing a Micro-Cell Antenna next to Mitchell School (proposed to be located at 228 Brookline St.). This proposed cell antenna is not in compliance with the town’s own zoning regulations.

We are a group of concerned residents and parents - whose children attend Needham public schools.  Many of us are scientists and technologists with deep understanding of the proposed technologies. We have studied the available research in this area.  And have significant scientific doubts about the harmlessness of the emissions.

While it is known that radio-frequency emissions can harm cells, the long-term impact on humans has not been studied.  Given this lack of evidence, we request that these antennae not be placed near a school or close to homes until a better scientific understanding is concluded. 

The Needham Select Board must help us avoid a rush decision with grave potential consequences, especially to our vulnerable children. Notably, Verizon’s proposal portrays this as a need for better 4G coverage. Yet, they have been coy on whether the use and plans are also intended for 5G. 

Currently there is a Massachusetts House Bill 2885 co-sponsored by our state representative and neighbor, Denise Garlick.  This bill requests studies be done to understand the health effects of the new 5G technology.  Furthermore, Massachusetts is not alone.  Other states have similar proposals and many local communities across the country have also raised these concerns and have denied permits to similar installments.  

We ask you to be our voice and advocates - do not allow precedent to be set by:

  1. Stopping this installation in Needham until Massachusetts Bill 2885 is passed and implemented to allow us all to understand the health risks
  2. Fighting against the lack of compliance with our zoning laws to keep our town from becoming an eyesore of towers and mini-towers

For further research-based scientific evidence on radio-frequency emissions on living cells (e.g., humans and pets), we invite you to review the peer-reviewed and credible sources - such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) study evidencing onset of cancer in rats. Additional relevant scientific articles can be found in this public directory.


  1. Sign this petition and pass it on via email, Twitter, Facebook or Nextdoor App
  2. Attend the July 23rd Town Hall Meeting at 7:30PM  - 1471 Highland Ave, Needham, MA 02492
  3. Contact our local, state and national news media to provide coverage
  4. Get educated on the topics by reviewing the reference material here and search for latest legislative the news on 5G

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