Petition to Deny Proposed Zoning Amendments & Antenna Installations

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We are writing to officially petition against the proposed zoning amendments, subsequently preventing radio antenna installations in residential neighborhoods (specifically the Birds Hill & Dunster Water Tanks).  We strongly object based on the following grounds:

  • Property Values: Studies have shown that large antenna towers in the vicinity of a residential property can decrease home values by as much as 20%, and produce additional hardships for obtaining mortgage approvals (must be disclosed to lender when revealed in appraisal process).  This reduction in property value also creates a loss in tax revenue for the county, both at time of sale and perpetually.
  • Aesthetics: A 100+ foot monopole would be an incredible eyesore, especially in confined areas that are alreadydominated by a 2.5 million gallon capacity tank consuming 29,845.13 cubic feet (Birds Hill) & a 1.5 million gallon capacity tank consuming 19,438.60 cubic feet (Dunster). The additional structure would further decrease aesthetics for current residents, and provide an additional deterrent to potential homebuyers.  
  • Health Concerns: Although The Telecommunication Act of 1996 prohibits towns from denying antenna tower permits due to health concerns, numerous studies have since shown significant increase of cancer cases in residents living in close vicinity of a communication tower.  Additionally, a comprehensive Impact Survey needs to be conducted to determine potential effect on town water supplies (extremely close proximity to tanks).  Even without admission of physical health concerns, there is a negative association between towers and health risk assumptions…providing even further detriment to real estate value. 
  • Future Commercial Use: The proposed monopole antenna is "intended" for town communication purposes only, but residents are concerned about future/expanded utilization.  More specifically, the town can reverse their decision and offer space on the tower for commercial use (in order to increase town revenue).   Said expansion would exacerbate all concerns already outlined.