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Need more treatments for Interstitial Cystitis,masshealth has put a stop to them all.

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Iam writing this Petition, becasue i suffer with a disorder thats called Interstitial Cystitis, this a is a chronic bladder condtion, that consists of extreme pain,  frequency, urgency to use the bathroom.On my worse days i go about 15 to 20 times a day. my worst symtom is the  relentless pain.This disease affects about 4 to 12 million people.Woman, men and children.I was dignosed in Feb of 2010, after 10 yrs being misdignosed.So here is my story, after ten long yrs of thinking i had endo, i finally got anwsers, i finally got a good uro, a great tem of doctors that truly cared about helping me.I have masshealth,  i was having treatments until they stopped them, i even appealed their descion and they still did not budge.Because i went misdignosed for so long, iam now stage 4. i was having  internal injections, but the progress was very very slow,  then i went for internal physical therpay afterwards, but my doctor said to me right before, my insurance stopped the treatments, that  she wanted to try other avenues of more agressive treatmnets.  i wnat you to know and to understand what my insurance company has put me through, not just stopping the treatments, but the emtional aspect  and stress this has played into my life. iam only 33 yrs old, college and work are on hold, i dont know if ill ever be able to work or go back to college. when i was having the injections, my insurance stopped the numbing medicine i was having, imagine getting 8 to 12 internal injections which was painful enough with the numbinf medicine, but now imagine not being able to have that, its inhumane to do that to somone,  plus i was already in pain from the disorder itself.I dont drive becasue of severe anxiety, so i was getting medical transportation to and from the doctors, shes in cambridge mass, they stopped all medical transportaion,  didnt like that it was so far away. well ive been seeing her since the beginning of my treatments and she sone of the best in her field.Im on no pain meds either because im allergic to some, some dont work and the one thats aprroved by the FDA for IC Elmiron,  which  i was on for a very short time, when  i was first dignosed, but they took me off it and stopped all coverage, no treatments, no medical transportaion to my treatements, no medicine. i tell you something is WRONG with our society, when insuranc companys pay for meth addicts to go to meth clinics and are considering covering somones sex change, but wont cover, treatments for someone who suffers day in and day out with  pain this bad. what good is heathcare when its not caring for our health! Alot of days i cant even get out of bed, becasue the pain is so horrific, i have trouble walking at times, my life is on hold, what kind of quality of life  is that at 33 yrs old. i cry alot. but i cant be silent anymore,I WONT BE! its time for  CHANGE! anyone who suffers with this, deserves to be treated with love respect and dignity and, deserves the right to get the help they need. its not right he insurance company has the final say, no more im speaking out, and i wont be quiet until im heard! help me please by signing this and telling the insurance companys, congress and the media why this is important!I will keep speaking out in as many ways as i can! so help by being part of making a change.

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