Petition Closed
Petitioning UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and 2 others

Need help for inspecting the voting results for July 28th, 2013 election.


It is very important for democratic process in developing country like Cambodia to ensure that people voices have been properly counted during the election, and not be cheated by an organisation which is set up by the ruling party or influenced by ruling party.

Without proper resolutions, the situation may be getting worse.We don't want to see Cambodia moving back or exiting the democracy path, so only neutral person like UN person would be the best mediator, and play very important role in this matter.

Note: NGOs both local and international, UN (through UN Rapporteur) , Europe Union, United States, other countries, and people expressed the concern toward free and fair election in Cambodia even before the election, but the National Election Committee (NEC) are not transparent and neutral enough, and willing to co-operate with public.

Letter to
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
President Barack Obama
UN Rapporteur Professor Surya P. Subedi
We need help for inspecting the voting results on July 28th, 2013, and demand for a neutral National Election Committee that represent all people in Cambodia if possible.