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Need For Speed World: Save The Game!

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1. Inefficient anti-cheat protection.

- The promised innovations and improvement to game’s security didn’t prove efficient (lots of players think that they didn’t exist in the first place);
- The number of the players using the third-party software to cheat\hack the game doesn’t seem to dwindle, on the contrary - it seems growing day by day;
- “Massive” wave of bans hit only those who illegally purchased SpeedBoost, leaving in-game cheaters mostly unaffected;
- Most of dev. team’s claims and promises stay unfulfilled;
- Lots of players, namely those who have been in the game for a long period of time and invested considerable sums in NFS World are disappointed with cheaters ruining their gaming experience and decide to leave the game until the issue is resolved;

The game was released nearly 2 years ago and for over 1,5 year community has been asking for effective automated anti-cheat software. Seeing as that had little to no effect on our next step we plan to contact EA management directly, asking them to reevaluate those responsible for security and support of Need for Speed World.

2. Game Content and SpeedBoost prices.

- Over 80 % of game content is SpeedBoost-exclusive;
- Content available for IGC ain't enough to keep players interested for long time;
- SpeedBoost is overpriced in general and prices are unfairly high for some countries in particular;
- Income from SpeedBoost sales ain’t used for game development;
- Players can't fully enjoy the game without buying SpeedBoost, but high prices and regular addition of new items make it impossible to own everything they want, thus leaving players disappointed and unmotivated to play (and pay) further;

Some players even claim that high prices compelled them to use cheats, just to stay competitive with paying players who drive better and highly tuned cars, unavailable to those who can’t invest enough money into the game.

So far requests from community to lower the prices and make more content available for IGC were ignored, and those +25% sales don’t really help players who can’t buy lots of SpeedBoost at once.

We hope that Electronic Arts management will take our petition into account and reconsider price policy and priorities in Need for Speed World development, because that will bring them more customers in a longer run.

3. Car performance and balance.

Need for Speed World is based on older titles, such as Need for Speed Most Wanted and Need for Speed Carbon. They share locations and some cars, but same car performance and behavior doesn’t match in different games.

Need for Speed series used several physic engines, but the one from Need for Speed World seems the most arcade of all.

Community voiced their dissatisfaction with physic model and car balance for a few times, yet it was mostly ignored by developers – in two years only a couple of cars was retuned and general physics remains unchanged. All we hear is that game was meant to be arcade, bugs will be fixed and all balance issues will be solved with addition of new (and SpeedBoost exclusive) parts.

No wonder Electronic Arts won Golden Poo 2012 award for treating their customers poorly and ignoring their demands. Still, we’ll try and contact them directly, if we won’t get reaction from Black Box.

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