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My dogs are not objects or hobbies, they're my children!

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During the process of my divorce in the Netherlands, I had the unpleasant surprise to learn that I wouldn’t be able to subtract the money I spend on my dogs from my salary when calculating the alimony that I’d have to pay to my wife.

My Dogs. The living beings I love the most in the entire world, would not be entitled to any of my salary.  

I contacted the Landelijke InformatieCentrum Gezelschapsdieren to see if there was anything they could do to help me and their answer was that I should talk to my wife and try to convince her to agree with a lower alimony. That I shouldn’t let a judge decide it, because the decision would be the one above. That the costs to take care of my dogs would not be taken into consideration.

The Landelijke InformatieCentrum Gezelschapsdieren is a national organisation in the Netherlands that, to quote they’re own website:  

“gives you advice when you want to purchase a pet, but also how you can keep your pet thereafter in a responsible manner”

 This organisation also told me that having a pet was seen as a hobby and that claiming money for my dogs would be the same as claiming money for a sailing boat or a sport club.  

This has been a very emotional shock to me, as I see my dogs as my own children. For years, all I’ve had has been my dogs. When I met my wife, I was a man living alone with his 5 dogs. The ones in the picture above. And I know I’m not the only person who has ever felt that way about pets. Just the other day I was talking with a complete stranger who told me she likes dogs more than she likes people. And that’ s no surprise to me as it was NOT the first time I heard that either.  

When I lost my first dog, I created a tribute to him and uploaded it to youtube. I found out then that youtube is full of videos making tributes to someone’s dog who passed away. I don’t think anyone would go that far if they’d lose their membership to a sport club. Just search “tribute to my dog” if don’t believe me.  

There are also many other reasons why I think this judicial decision is just absurd. For instance, that my wife is the one breaking up with me, not my dogs. I don’t see why my dogs should be the ones to be punished and lose their share of my salary. Also, as a human being, she’s much more likely to get a job and care for herself than my dogs are.

Moreover in the Netherlands I have to even pay taxes for just owning a dog. I pay 200 Euros per year for my 2 dogs. That's almost 17 per month. A visit to the vet easily costs 50 Euros, and Jade is 12, blind and overweight, so she needs a lot of health care. A trip to the hair dresser, 41 Euros. Food, vaccinations, teeth cleaning, hair removers, treatment against ticks and worms, food, beds, leashes, all of this stuff costs money.

These are my dogs by the way:



So please sign my petition if you think pets can mean more to people than hobbies and maybe the court of law will allow me to keep the part of my salary I’ve always used to care for my dogs.

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