We demand that NOS, Dutch radio station, apologize publicly for offending Colombians.

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Dear NOS,

The reason of this post is due to the disrespectful comments that some of your journalists made about Colombian people, having the possibility to attend the World cup in Russia only because of the drug money because it was weird that so many of us attended as we are a 'poor country'.

This is a complete lack of respect as we expect journalists all around the world to be informed about what they say. If they knew a little bit about Colombia, they will know that we are a developing country, not a poor one. That we have grown considerably in the last years and that many of us, as Europeans do, have the possibility to save money from the income we receive thanks to our honest jobs.

The issue here is that those journalists are informing themselves about our Country only through what they see in TV series like Narcos, which tells a story that happened more than 25 years ago, and not reading real current news about us.

Therefore, in respect of Colombian inhabitants and Colombian residents in Netherlands, I request that you apologize publicly for such a rude way to refer about our country and for not being professional enough to inform yourselves before speaking about something. This kind of comments is what sadly keeps a bad reputation about Colombia and do not let us shine for all the amazing things we have.