British Shooting Show at the Birmingham NEC to welcome hunting guides

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Help save the British Shooting Show, under attack by antis.

The venue for the British Shooting Show, the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre, is under pressure from antis to ban hunting guides. The organiser of the British Shooting Show is resisting this. Help the organiser get his message across by signing this petition.

You might not like big game hunters but they pay for most conservation around the world, especially in parts of the world that photographic safari tourists don't visit. The bontebok and the markhor are both large animals saved by hunters.

In these places, if it pays, it stays. Hunters pay large sums that pays for conservation through intiatives such as NACSO and Campfire. Photographic safari visitors like the idea of conservation - but they do not pay for it.

In southern Africa, the wildlife winners are the pro-hunting countries of Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Hunting is a cornerstone of conservation - and for that reason the Birmingham NEC should welcome hunting guides to the British Shooting Show. Please show your support. Because anti-hunting activists won't stop at banning hunting guides. Next it will be sporting guns and all shooting sports.