Nebraskans, tell the Unicameral to vote against allowing guns in our schools.

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On Friday, March 9th, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law a bill that would, among other changes, allow for county sheriffs to appoint, and public schools to employ, armed "school guardians" as a defense against mass shootings.

Such policies will be disastrous to the integrity and safety of public schools. Besides a litany of problems with implementing such a plan, there's no evidence that armed civilians can deter, or effectively respond to, a mass shooting.

Two deputies exchanged fire with Eric Harris at Columbine. A police officer exchanged fire with Omar Mateen at the Pulse Nightclub. There were multiple armed law enforcement officials present at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Statistics gathered by the New York City police department show that even trained law enforcement officials hit their targets well below 50% of the time. That level of accuracy would make a school employee with far less training a hazard rather than a defense in a high-stress, complex scenario like a mass shooting.

But ultimately, this is not a battle over implementation or efficacy. This is a battle over what kind of places we want our schools to be. It's time to make clear to our Senators that schools should be places where our students and teachers feel safe, not where they feel threatened by one another. Schools should be places where students can trust their teachers, not fear their lethality. Schools should be welcoming spaces that promote learning, health, and community, not securitized combat-zones.

We cannot afford to treat this as a problem that will stay in Florida. Thirty-eight states already allow civilians to carry firearms in public schools in some capacity. If we aren't vocal, Nebraska could become one of them.

Senator Steve Halloran (District 33) has already spoken in favor of arming teachers. Governor Pete Ricketts has voiced openness to the idea. Now is the time to let the Nebraska Unicameral know that guns are not welcome in our public schools.

Sign this petition if you:

  • Are a Nebraskan teacher or other school-employee who would choose not to work in a state where civilians are allowed to carry firearms in public schools.
  • Want your state senators to publicly commit to vote against allowing firearms in public schools.
  • Are an educator, student, or concerned citizen who wants the Unicameral to keep all guns out of our schools.