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Nebraska Legislature / Nebraska Hospitals : Monitor children in hospitals using vital signs monitors

My daughter Savannah was a special needs child who had a seizure disorder and was admitted to a hospital for observation. She was not hooked to any monitors and had a febrile seizure that resulted in a episode where her oxygen level fell to a serious low level and caused a hypoxic injury to her brain in which resulted in death. Had she had this 25 dollar probe on her it would of showed a drop in her oxygen saturation level and a nurse would of entered room and they would of intervened given her medicine to stop the seizure and administered oxygen that would of kept her from a lack of oxygen injury. My daughter was 14 and totally dependent on care and monitoring by the nurses. since the recent weeks I have been told numerous times the nurses did not know what her baseline was. I am asking a tool be developed that helps protect the child and if the answer is yes to more than 2 of the questions a vital sign monitor be applied to observe the child totally. This could of saved my daughters life... July 15th,  would be Savannah's birthday she would of been 15 years old I ask that you turn on your front porch light in awareness that no child ever be left behind in medical monitoriing  The Savannahs Light Law Lighting the way to good care for the medical complex children .Please sign my petition and help a child who cannot help themselves.... Be their voice....I am also asking our Nebraska Law Makers to review the law in which pertains to Nebraska and that if a child is born with a birth injury and nebraska law makers have devalulized the child by allowing doctors to give a special needs child a very low life expectancy and after the child has reached that low life expectancy , if the child has bad care resulting in another injury or even death you cannot seek a monatary settlement as the child was already devalued and there is no way to measure the result of further damage. .... I am seeking to change the way the law is written as it does not protect special needs children or the elderly. In Nebraska after the age of 74.5 years they have reached their quality life expectancy according to the current law in Nebraska.. It is applauling if we continue to move forward with managed health care.

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Monitor children in hospitals using vital signs monitors

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