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Written by Arlyn's family and some information taken from the original report: 


On September 13th, 1999, Reverend Carr Hume was taking an early morning stroll on 42nd and Bancroft in Omaha, Nebraska, when an armed black man approached him an demanded his wallet. When the good Reverend resisted, Randell Fields opened fire. Killing the Reverend instantly. He was later identified by an eyewitness who had been at the scene, and in the very car the man would flee in. The other man involved in this heinous crime was also identified by this witness as being Shannon Smith. Both men had been involved in a detailed and organized car theft ring within the Omaha Metro area, and were in fact identified by an accomplice who had been waiting in the stolen car the crime had been committed in. Mark Anderson made statements to detectives that he, Fields, and Smith were riding around in a stolen Cadillac on the day Reverend Hume was murdered. While driving on 42nd street, they were looking for someone to rob when they came across an "older" man walking along the sidewalk. According to Anderson, while he and Smith remained in the car, Fields got out of the car and tried to rob the gentleman, but ended up shooting him when the man resisted. Later that day, after Anderson stated that he knew where the murder weapon and the stolen car were located, the homicide detectives brought Anderson back to Douglas County to look for the murder weapon and the car, but could not find the gun. Only the stolen Cadillac that had been used in the commission of the crime. Anderson also gave the detectives addresses and physical descriptions for Fields and Smith. There was also one very important aspect that was overlooked during all of the investigations, and that was that during one of his statements, Anderson was able to tell detectives the type and color of pants Carr Hume was wearing that fateful morning. The ONLY possible way he could've known that is if he was in fact there when the murder was committed. For I think we should all be well aware that type of information is not published in any newspaper or commented in any type of televised news reports.

After the two men were arrested an even more devious plan was enacted where the murder weapon would be given to Arlyn Ildefonso so the real perpetrators of this insidious crime would be set free. And an unsuspecting man would be made to take the fall for a crime he couldn't have possibly committed. And all of this was done in a very organized and decisive manner. At the time, Amy Taylor had a baby with murder suspect Randell Fields. And was currently on an ankle monitor. Amy had met Arlyn Ildefonso through mutual friends and told Arlyn a sob story how she could get off of her ankle monitor if only she could come up with roughly $200. Being the compassionate human being that Arlyn is, he decided to pay the costs so that Amy Taylor could be freed from her burden. In turn, Amy gave Arlyn a gun, as she stated that she had no other way to repay his kindness. The same gun that was used to kill Reverend Carr Hume in cold blood. With her only true intent being, to make sure the gun was in Mr. Ildefonso's possession.

Immediately following this, Amy Taylor proceeded to call detectives and tell them that she knew who actually killed the Reverend. And that if they acted quickly they would catch Mr. Ildefonso with the murder weapon. She knew very well what she was doing, as her actions were just as cold and calculated as the murder itself. Amy Taylor had fully committed to doing whatever it took to make sure that the father of her child would not spend the rest of his life behind bars. No matter what the cost. And even if it meant locking up an innocent man for a crime he could not have possibly committed. Amy knew that by giving Arlyn the gun, and setting him up to get caught with the weapon, she would in fact be ensuring that the father of her child, and his partner in crime, would be free to walk the streets. Even after committing such a terrible act.

But she could not do all of this alone. And so she enlisted the help of Christina Devore-Alexander and Kristine Reh. Both women were admittedly very heavily addicted to cocaine and methamphetamine. And because of this were easy prey for the leaders of this car theft ring, who undoubtedly had easy access to the drugs of choice for both of these women. Not only that, but the violent nature of the entire car theft ring as a whole had to be very intimidating to these young, impressionable women. And so they decided to give false eyewitness statements to the police saying Mr. Ildefonso had committed this murder to make sure their cocaine and meth addictions would be very well satiated. And quite possibly, to keep this violent car theft ring from seeking any sort of retaliation against them for any type of non-compliance.

What was NEVER brought to light at Mr. Ildefonso's trial was that there were 6 witnesses who were willing to testify that Arlyn Ildefonso never possessed that firearm until September 23rd, 1999. Exactly 10 days after the murder was committed. And all of these witnesses had been in contact with the men responsible for representing Mr. Ildefonso. At first it was Attorney William Gallup. Then it was Attorney Greg Schatz. Both attorney's were very well aware of all of these witness. And the testimony they were willing to give to prove Mr. Ildefonso's innocence. However, all of these witnesses were unsure of how to submit the proper affidavits, and exactly what steps were needed to prove Mr. Ildefonso never possessed the murder weapon until the 10 days after the murder had happened. Attorney Schatz had all of the contact information necessary to contact all of these witnesses at his own leisure, walk them through the process and what would be expected of them, ensure the correct affidavits were submitted, and create a sound defense for this innocent man. But Attorney Schatz not only failed, but he failed miserably. He failed to contact ANY of these crucial witnesses on behalf of Mr. Ildefonso. He failed to submit the required affidavits in a timely manner. And he failed to call ANY of these witnesses at Mr. Ildefonso's trial. As a matter of fact, Attorney Schatz failed to mount ANY sort of defense for Arlyn Ildefonso. And because of this malpractice, an innocent man has spent the last 18 and a half years behind bars. The chances of this innocent man ever seeing the streets again are very bleak as the years that have passed by have left all of his appeals exhausted.

And that is the very reason we have created this on-line petition. Since Mr. Ildefonso's appeals have all be exhausted following time constraints, our only hope of getting a new, and fair trial, is to either find new evidence or to get enough signatures to show that a majority of people feel that a fair trial should be given to this man so that he at least has a chance to vindicate himself. Imagine if you had been stripped of your dignity, and incarcerated for a heinous crime that you never committed. Wouldn't you hope someone would step up and help you get a new trial so you could fairly prove your innocence? Please sign this petition and help Arlyn Paul Ildefonso have one chance to fairly prove his innocence. Please sign this petition and help the family of the late Reverend Carr Hume receive the justice they so greatly deserve. Remember. The men who intentionally committed this malicious act are still walking the streets as free men, while an innocent man remains locked behind bars. Stripped of his freedom. Stripped of his dignity. And stripped of his family who love and miss him greatly. Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this petition. And we hope you will find it in your heart to give this innocent man one real shot at redemption. Also, if you happen to know of ANYBODY within the legal community who would be willing to help us in this righteous endeavor, please have them get ahold of us in the Facebook group FREE ARLYN ILDEFONSO. Thank you and may God Bless You.

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