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Give my mom back her Medicaid

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My mom has been on disability since 1996 I believe thats when. Well because of her being on disability she was able to get medicaid which would cover her hospital visits and her medications. But now she will no longer have it because Disability took her off because my dad makes too much money on unemployment? How is that possible. Well he is not working right now. Well long story short in order for an adult to get medicaid they have to be on disability. How can you be on it if they say you make too much money when you dont? On top of that my mom cant afford her medial bills. She has crohns disease along with fibromyalgia and countless other conditions. She is disabled but why is her medicaid being taken from her? Her own doctors have said she is disabled and cant work. I ask you to sign this for all the people who should get medicaid and cant because they are not on disability because of income.. My parents are not rich. She has spent several times in the hospital and had surgeries. Blood transfusion, blood clots, I also have degenerative disease in her back, cyst on spine, bone on bone on knees, Crohns Disease has took over and she is on a shot that is 1,700 a shot she takes 2 shots a month at home what is she going to do without it? She is on numberous medications. It makes my mom depressed since she has lost her medicaid. The crohns is so bad it is even in her mouth. She also has scoliosis

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