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Nearly 60,000 people die from drug use, Help keep America sober

Doing drugs is always bad no matter how you put it. Nothing good ever comes out of doing drugs. Everyone I've ever met that does or has ever done drugs is unstable and either angry or more depressed than before. People do drugs to get rid of depression, or just for the feeling of being high. Although some do it to not be depressed, they're even more depressed than before.So help stop drug use!

Letter to
DEA Drug Enforcement Agency
The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

Because nearly 60,000 people die every year from drug use, drug laws in New Mexico should be more strict and enforced harder. Thousands of good people die every year because of drugs. No good comes out of abusing drugs of any kind. Doing drugs has even been proven to give you major health problems. Everyone I've ever seen that does drugs, they do it because they’re depressed. But when they’re taking drugs that weren't prescribed to them they were even more depressed than before, and even worse, they are probably addicted and can’t stop doing it and could eventually lead to huge problems. They either do it to get rid of depression, or to be better than they already are. Like Steroids, people take those to get stronger, but there are serious health problems for doing it. Do whatever it calls for, drug tests at school, applying for a job, and just about everywhere. If ever the majority of people in America do drugs, no one will ever be able to think properly. And what are we going to do about a bunch of soldiers that are possibly are high and don’t have good judgement? We can’t have people working for our country who can’t think straight. I propose that the Government make Drugs completely illegal and enforce drug laws harder.
Jay Payne

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