Our children need our bus monitors back !

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I know so many of us moms worry about our children on the bus !

My biggest worry,  are my JK and SK children because they are used to being in car seats and not being able to roam free . As much as I talk to them about staying in their seat , they are so young and don't understand the severity of it , they are just so happy about the freedom .

I have also had other incidents happen , such as my daughter getting punched and perfume sprayed in her mouth by another child . 

Our buses have A LOT of children on them , and children are just that , children ! They like to run and jump and climb as much as we try to keep them still . A monitor is needed to help with this . The bus driver can not focus on both driving and making sure the children are behaving. We need the help with bus monitors ! 

Our children are at risk on the bus as the bus driver can get distracted having to keep kids in their seats and make sure everyone gets along .

The bus driver can't turn around and resolve an issue. 

If it's cause of funding , There has to be some funding we can get to have monitors ? Even if we go out and have to raise it ourselves .

Please , our children and our bus drivers need the help of bus monitors !