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Fulfilling my biggest dream: Henrike for announcing Germanys points at Eurovision 2018

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Dear reader,

my name is Henrike, 28 years old and for years the Eurovision Song Contest has been a big part of my life and I love everything about it. Having been a volunteer at the Eurovision Village in Vienna, travelling to the events in Stockholm and Vienna were amazing experiences, however my biggest dream since a child I have yet to fulfil. And that is:

announcing Germanys points at the Eurovision once in my life

Barbara Schöneberger has done a great job the last years as a spokeswoman and I would not want to steal her spotlight. Just once would be far enough and then I leave the work to the professionals.   Knowing the high demands of the role, I have compiled a few reasons, why I would be a candidate for that job: 

* knowing the role of the announcer to compliment the host country in the speech (e.g. "you look amazing, the show was great, thank you so much for the hard work")

* speaking English fluently and French soon and having the ability to even pronounce difficult country names correctly

* looking decent enough with 28 years old to potentially look presentable with professional make up and dress and all

* high knowledge of the Eurovision and its procedures, so high stress ability when unexpected situations occur like bad connection

* the margin for errors is highly reduced to only having to present "12 Points" in contrast to earlier years

Please help me with signing the petition - this campaign is my last attempt to persuade the NDR in Germany to give a fan a chance. Thank you so much!

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