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NDIS stop making people's mental health worse due to their current practices

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My name is Katie.
I am 32 years old and I have 3 boys under 8, they all have autism. 
I applied for the NDIS for my psychosocial disability over the phone last October, and was given no indication of what would happen next and how long it would take.

I decided to start the Mental Health and NDIS facebook page a couple of months ago. I believe we can't just want things to change, we need to take pro-active steps to make it happen. I wanted to keep the group respectful and supportive, so from the very beginning I have sent out a message request to everyone who joins asking that they confirm that they are a current or potential NDIS participant (with a pychosocial disability?), or a parent or carer of a participant. Currently we have over 700 members and this is growing daily.

What I've discovered is that NDIA pre-planning is botched. Firstly it's taking months for applications to come through. Secondly we have been given misleading and incorrect information and false hope. I have bi-polar. PTSD, depression and anxiety. I rang the NDIS in January and at the end of the phone call I was told I was conditionally approved. After checking with the person I spoke to at the NDIA, I got my GP to fill out the forms and handed them in to my local office. Two days ago I sent them a message as a plea for help.

I have no family down here, only one friend as a support: I am a full time carer to my 3 children under 8 who all have autism, and my eldest was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I have been going downhill over the past few months and I am beginning to worry about my capabilities in being able to safely parent my children.

My 3 boys have NDIS plans, however I have had to cancel their appointments for the next month because the thought of leaving the house at the moment is causing me severe anxiety. I honestly thought because of my situation that the NDIS would perhaps be able to fast-track my application which is why I put in a complaint. I was told, by the lady who called in response, that despite having the forms filled out by my GP and the NDIS website stating “You must provide us with evidence of the diagnosis of your disability from your treating doctor or specialist.”, apparently now there isn't enough evidence of my disability. If they weren't going to accept it from the GP, then we should be told this.

Now they are sending out new forms, which they want my psychiatrist to fill out. So I have to make an appointment with them; which could take weeks or even months to get in (?), and then I have to hand the forms back in and wait again for NDIS to contact me. This could take months 
It's absolutely disgusting how the government is making people jump through hoops who are already in a vulnerable state already.

The application process you have now makes us feel like we don't matter, And we do. Just because you can't see an illness doesn't mean it's not there. 
We the have to wait months for the planning process to start.

After having gone through all application process when the planing meetings happening people are being left with inadequate plans. This has a lot to do with the planner and their knowledge of mental illness and the significant impact it can have on being able to function on a daily basis. It can also be difficult sometimes as well for people with mental health illness to be able to explain to someone exactly what they want to get across. I don't know how someone who has no knowledge or professional background in mental health can effectively implement a plan if they have no real idea. 
This means they they then have to go throw a review process. That in itself can be extremely daunting so more often then not most are choosing not going through with the review.

It shouldn't be such a battle to be able to be a part of the NDIS. This whole process is effecting so many of us even prior to us getting an NDIS plan
The NDIS needs to acknowledge how much of a negative effect the current process is having on all of us. The scheme shouldn't be detrimental your health. It is doing the opposite it what it promised things need to change and fast 
I applied for the NDIS for my psychosocial disability over the phone last October, and was given no indication of what would happen next and how long it would take.
Things need to change and fast.

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