Wildstar's Revival.

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Wildstar is more than just another MMO, It's a concept and the players who played it were family.  Upon launch it suffered both a DDOS and a Massive influx of players, But it's launch was also rushed by NCSoft and Carbine Studios. It was full of glitches and unresolved bugs.

I'm Azami Starflower (My Character in Wildstar) and I am vouching for this game on my own accord.

The MMO industry is over-saturated with games attempting to bring something new to the table, Many try to bring something new and exciting but fail to grasp the concept of what makes an MMO special. It is not all the bells and whistles that come along with it, It's the communities that form and grow. Afterall, you can't have MMO without Massively Multiplayer.

Wildstar brought some older ideas to the table but improved upon them, Telegraphing systems one of the typical things found in most MMO's today but in this situation? It felt far more fluent than any MMO I have ever played. Housing was done correctly, limitless possibilities.. I mean, some one even made an ATAT walker straight out of star wars on their housing plot in the game.

The game had charm as well, every NPC, the level up announcer (My personal sarcastic favorite), the holocrypt announcer (another favorite), and the annoying taxi driver. Everything was serious but had a hint of comedy to it, it correctly balanced seriousness with humor which is something I can firmly say is not done anywhere else in the MMO genre.

But most importantly, the one aspect I remember Wildstar for the most.. Their community, Some of the most kind, compassionate, and understanding individuals ever in any MMO I have ever played could be found there.

Please don't let this treasure of a game go down as just another failure, It deserves to be recognized for what it is,

Azami Starflower.