Players Outcry To NCsoft Corporation About NCwest's Handling Of NA Services

Players Outcry To NCsoft Corporation About NCwest's Handling Of NA Services

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Aion Playerbase started this petition to NCSOFT and

                We the players would like to bring NCsoft Corporation's attention the issues that have been ongoing between the NCwest staff and the customer base that use their services for the Aion and Aion Classic IPs. These issues range in multitude and have been ongoing for several years now and without quick and immediate ratifications made we believe that the business structure and reputation of NCsoft Corporation will forever be tarnished with their Western audience.  

                Customers that use the North American Aion and Aion Classic services have openly reached out through official forums, support tickets, social media, and various other platforms in attempt to raise and discuss many issues with the NCwest staff, however it seems that the majority of these concerns have fallen on deaf ears. After further investigation it also appears that similar issues have arisen with other IPs that NCwest oversees as well. 

                Below is a list of popular re-occurring issues that the customer's have repeatedly tried to communicate to the NCwest staff but feel have been ignored or handled poorly at best. This list is highly condensed and only represents the most common complaints seen and discussed by the player base:


  •         Lack of acknowledgement of customer base dissatisfaction overall with NCwest Support team through Support Tickets, Forum communication, and overall customer service.
  •          Unprofessional responses to customer concerns and questions from the NCwest Staff.
  •          Failure to show customer appreciation or willingness to admit fault when errors occur that effect the customer base.
  •         Blatant displays of favoritism shown during the last server merger of the last Aion Retail servers.
  •         Ongoing and re-occurring unstable host servers for the Aion Retail and Aion Classic IPs making game play difficult and/or unplayable for many customers.
  •          Removal of paid for in-game items through means of real currencies such as Pets, Emotes, Cosmetics, and other various products that were often times advertised as "Permanent" fixtures with no compensation or refunds offered to the customers.
  •           Lack of understanding of gameplay mechanics and overall general knowledge of the games displayed by NCwest staff.
  •          Failure to recognize their North American audience base general needs.
  •          Lack of timely responses and notification of important changes being made that will effect customers.
  •          Highly disorganized communication between the NCwest & NCsoft staff overall to their playerbase. Information is often times stretched between multiple platforms and is rarely consolidated to a single source material making it difficult for customers to follow along with the most updated and accurate information.


        These issues listed above have greatly affected the customer base for the North American servers resulting in the dwindling number of customers that NCwest is able to retain. Due to this server populations have greatly decreased to the point that server mergers were deemed necessary just to keep enough activity on the servers for the game(s) to be playable.

       The negligence of NCwest has also tarnished the NCsoft Corp name as an MMO/RPG publisher in the gaming communities as it has obtained extremely poor press coverage and even is commonly referred to as "NCFail" among these communities and it's own playerbase.

      We would like to believe that NCsoft Corp would be interested in keeping their current customers and have the ability to attract new and returning customers to maximize their profits and expand their North American audience among the gaming communities while restoring their reputation as a growing and successful game developer as most players do agree the games produced by NCsoft are beautifully designed and often very addicting, however the North American staff at NCwest that oversees these games have a tendency of sabotaging these games and drive away their own player base and new customers.

                Although the customer base would like to leave a solution mostly to NCsoft Corp discretion, there have been common suggestions amongst the community to resolve these issues such as:

1.       Re-evaluate the effectiveness of the staff at NCwest and perform an internal restructuring of the division.

2.       Work on better communication between the NCwest staff and their customers while also working on internal communication issues between NCwest and their NCsoft Corp headquarters.

3.        Consider hiring a development team that focuses on the North American audience.

4.       Re-view previous patches and events released and learn from player feedback on what works and does not work for the North American audience.

5.        Actively seek and listen to customer feedback about the games progression and marketing structure.

6.        Re-educate all NCwest employees about the games they are overseeing to ensure they have a fundamental understanding of game play mechanics so that they can assist and comment on customer concerns in a more effective and professional manner.

7.       Display a more active role between the NCwest/NCsoft community managers and development team to the customers.

8.       Consolidate information from the NCwest staff to the players in a more organized manner that is easily accessible to all their customers.

9.       Review the current existing in game markets (Quna Shop/BCM/Etc.) and provide more specific tailored in game markets for the NA audience. (This would include more permanent items, a greater selection of cosmetic items, and so forth)

10.   Take a more active role on policing the community of players that exploit/hack the game mechanics and features which creates a less then desirable environment for other customers.

     Failure to take head of this petition may result in further loss of customers and further the lack of credibility of future and existing NCsoft Corp IPs. Thank you.            

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