Building a branch for a mental health charity in Chelmsford City Centre.

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There are only two organisations set up in Chelmsford that are associated with mental health: Interact which is more so catered to learning disabilities and Living Mind which is partially for mental health. Both, particularly the former, are in obscure places and unheard of by a large majority of Chelmsfordians. This paired with the increasingly prevalent problem of mental health issues means that more people are finding themselves in situations where they are unwell and aren't aware of anywhere to go to. After surveying 287 people on Monday the 30th of July 2018, we found that 99.7% of people living, commuting and travelling in and around Chelmsford agree that a new building should be in place for a mental health charity. Having it in the city centre would allow this building to be accessible to all people in Chelmsford, making it more approachable. This is essential to the future of mental well-being in Chelmsford. We care because 1 in 4 people can expect to experience some sort of mental health issue over their lifetime. Mental illness doesn't discriminate, so neither should we, because it will affect every single one of us, whether its through our friends, family or anyone else. As it stands, mental illness is hidden by a mixture of stigma, stereotypes and the shame of being forthcoming. Communication is key to helping mental health but its a two-part mechanic. Having a place to go to when you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health issue is intrinsic to solving this problem, it's a step forward to encouraging people to speak out and be ready to listen. So we really do hope that you will consider our proposal and consider the hope of a better mental future for your family, your friends and the entire Chelmsford community.

Thank you.