Petition to cancel Sem VI PRACTICAL EXAMS ordered to be conducted by NCHMCT

Petition to cancel Sem VI PRACTICAL EXAMS ordered to be conducted by NCHMCT

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Dear Sir/ Ma'am

At a time when a large number of educational institutions have acknowledged that conducting exams is not feasible and are promoting students based on past performance, it is really hard to understand why the NCHM cannot follow the same. The session which was supposed to be over by May, is still not over and everyday we are surprised with some or the other kind of new policies.

We don't have the assignments or the notebooks needed for submission even if you are considering the online mode for practicals.

Why weren't we informed anything properly at one time?

Some of us were asked to vacate hostels and while doing so we left the study materials and journals since we were clearly told that these won't be of any use anymore. As we all were unaware, the faculty too were confident of practical exams not happening and hence asked us to either take our journals or they will be thrown away for good.

Some of us are planning for higher studies whose sessions have seemingly started too.

Sir/madam, more than half of us have lost our jobs or have our jobs at risk. And now when we are trying to look forward to other opportunities, our degree, even the provisional one, seems to be a far fetched thing and everyday we are being involved into new policies brought up by the council.

I, a final year student ,humbly request you to consider our plea and abort any further assessments in any mode and provide us with a detailed and confirmed information about our degree soon. 


Thank you

1,119 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!