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Bullied, Misled and Terrified into a Felony Conviction. revisit my case

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My name is Lauren Hennrich and I'll be the first to admit I have done a few things that I am not proud of, but the one thing I do very well is my job as Mom. I am a single mother of a wonderful daughter Mikayla who just turned 10. She’s a 4th grader that suffers from a handful of disabilities that make it very difficult for her to maintain a "normal" childhood. She is socially unable to be around kids her age, she has suffered greatly with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as possibly having oppositional defiant disorder These problems were apparent as early as 2 in her and her whole life I have made it my mission to find her the very best care. Being that her father is useless, she has been receiving Medicaid for her whole life and now that she has SSI disability, she’s eligible for Medicaid every month.

I married her stepfather in 2002 and we separated in 2003, from 2003-2010, I was not living with him and did not include his income on our Medicaid Applications as I’m not required to do. However in 2011 I was called into the Program Integrity office by Doreen Pearson and told that I was going to be charged with Medicaid Fraud and would have to repay a total of 34 THOUSAND dollars!!! They refused to show me the bills they stated they paid and took me to court. By this time I was TERRIFIED I would go to jail, which would leave Mikayla with no mother, making her PTSD way worse. My lawyer (court appointed of course) did nothing to verify this amount even after I told him it was very wrong and was more concerned with getting my case done than helping me fight it. I was ultimately charged with Fraud, put on felony probation for 5 years and have to pay back the total amount. That’s $580 a month for 5 years!!!

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