Make sex education part of syllabus in Indian schools.

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We know that India is the second most populous country in the world. This fact has already started to become a problem not only to the people living in villages, but also the people living in the big cities. 

Family planning is something people have always discussed to teach the people in villages who still believe in having big families. However, this isn't going to help, according to me. 

India is running low on natural resources, and places for people to live. The older generation isn't going to change its mind on its beliefs. 

That's why, I think we should instead focus on the younger generation, and make sex education a part of their syllabus, along with family planning, so they know the importance of this matter. We could solve a decades old problem, by teaching the children from at least 9th grade onwards, about sex education. 

Many parents might even oppose to this saying its inappropriate. But the fact is that many children know what it is at the age of 14 or even 13. And inappropriateness isn't even the problem here. It is the future. OUR future.