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On April 9, 2012, Inmate Zachary P.Mullins 0972678 stated that Officer Christian Thomas Russell punched him in his eye 7 times while he as handcuffed. He stated Officers Clayton Cullins, Travis Spence and Sgt. Smith Shannon Sidney allegedly participated in assaulting him. While Russell was punching him in the eye, someone was beating on him from behind; even though he has handcuffed at the time. He stated that Officer Russell picked him up and slammed him face down on a steel bed twice bursting open his chin. He could reach up in the flesh and touch the bone in his chin. He stated that Assistant Unit Manager John Gray as indicated by the inmate's medical record allegedly made sure that he was not sent to the hospital for stitches. The inmate stated he was afraid.

The inmate was stitched in the hallway by Dr. Owens, an alleged convicted child molester some 19 hours later after filing a Grievance which Assistant Unit Manager Gray disapproved..

The inmate said that he was called a "Mixed Breed" because his girlfriend is of a different race and his daughter is mixed. None of the individuals in the the alleged "Use of Excessive Force Incident" were ever placed under investigation.

As a black male officer who reported the incident, I was removed from Grey Unit and placed immediately under investigation by Superintendent Dennis Daniels for over 140 days without any authorization from the Secretary and the Personnel Director in violation of State Policy. I was falsely accused of hiring an attorney for an inmate and failing to immediately report the possible use of excessive force.

The investigation was so biased that Assistant Superintendent John Herring and Captain Watson tried to force him to sign a statement that I had hired an attorney for an inmate which they intended to use as a basis to fire me. I was forced to read aloud the same statement that if I did not comply with the investigation that he could be terminated repeatedly. The investigation was so biased that no one determined the name of the PBA official I had spoken with, nor checked for affiliation with the State Bar. The investigation was so biased that I was presented with a statement that Captain Watson said was written by Inmate Mullins in an effort to try to force him into making a false confession. The statement was written by someone with a least a college degree, if not a masters. Inmate Mullins was a high school dropout.

On July 24, 2013, I was placed under investigation because a single white nurse who never once entered the inmate's room at Vidant Medical wrongfully accused me of sleeping. The other Officer had her cellphone with her and was in the middle of a cell phone conversation when Nurse Johana Cooke slid the glass door of the inmate's room and started screaming and hollering, "sir, ma'am, you all have a job to do and it doesn't include sleeping."

The Vidant Medical Police Department conducted an investigation and concluded that the charges were unfounded.

Cooke in a statement to Sgt. Whitehead, states, “I was the MICU charge nurse on the morning of 7/22. The patient admitted to C214 is an inmate with 2 guards present at bedside. I noted both guards appeared comfortable and quite still. In my normal rounding, I assessed their position for about 15 minutes when it became apparent they were both, indeed sleeping. I contacted my nursing coordinator, Thompson Forbes for direction. I awakened both guards at 0144 and you responded to my unit, shortly thereafter.

Nurse Cooke's testimony was so bad that she was unable to determine which chair the male and the female were sitting in and got it backwards during her deposition. She admitted during her deposition that she was not watching the room for 15 minutes. Instead she was multitasking and only glancing at the room for a few brief seconds each time she passed by the room the duration of which is unknown.

Nurse Cooke stated that using her cellphone using flash she took pictures of us prior to entering the room and that Mrs. Smith had her head down. Yet, the manikin's head is not down at all in the picture she claims to have taken.

As a former Photo Lab Manager using a camera's flash against tinted glass meant that none of Nurse Cooke's pictures would have turned out, but that didn't stop Maury from fabricating pictures.

To make a long story short, you can clearly see the sunlight shining thru the window of the pictures that Nurse Cooke claims she took at 1:44 a.m. 

The manikin in the chair is leaning back which would cause the recliner to recline and the foot rest to extend outward; yet the recliner does not recline and is in a 90 degree position and the foot rest is certainly not extended outward.

You can't see the inmate, the inmate's bed ,the flat screen tv, the bathroom, sink, or any of the tons of monitoring equipment that the inmate was connected to. This was an intense care observation unit. 

Nurse Johnna Cooke's statement to Sergeant Whitehead makes no mention of any pictures being taken. Sgt. Whitehead advised Nurse Cooke to write a detailed statement and notify her once it was finished. Nurse Johnna Cooke lied under oath saying that she caught us both asleep at 12 a.m. and that we had fallen asleep again at 1:45 a.m. Her detailed statement and the police report shows nothing about her entering the room at 12:00 a.m.  Nor does her detailed statement mention taking any pictures.

In a recent proceeding, Maury sent her documents to refresh her memory. It was only then that she started claiming to have come in the room at 12 a.m.

Exhibit G. The female officer was sitting behind several monitors. It would have been impossible to photograph her and not be able to see the equipment she was sitting behind.

The manikin's hands and face are not even the same complexion. On each side of this intensive unit are other similar intensive care units. There was no window on the left hand side of the room as in the picture Nurse Cooke claims to have taken Exhibit G. 

The female officer's initial statement was, “On July 22, 2013, approximately 0200, Nurse Johnna, the charged nurse enter our inmates room and stated, “ma'am, sir you all have a job to do and it doesn't include sleeping”. I was sitting in leather looking at some papers when she walked in that I was keeping notes throughout the night. I was not sleeping.

Exhibit F. on the left hand side also contains Exhibit G. It would be impossible for any camera to zoom in on the left hand side of the room and bring Exhibit G. to the level of clarity as shown in Exhibit G.

Conclusion Dennis Daniels fabricated evidence and had both pictures shot at Maury. and that they were shot from approximately the same range.

 Looking at the back of an individuals head who is wearing a hood from 4 feet behind the individual, it is impossible to see the individuals left eyeball shut. Yet Nurse Cooke stated that she saw the male officer left eyeball shut. She also says the pictures represent what she saw. There is not an eyeball visible in either picture.

Cooke accused us of not moving in our chairs. Nurse Cooke claims to have seen the female officer's eyes shut; but admits her head was down; which, would have made it impossible for Nurse Cooke to see her eyes shut some 15 to 20 feet from outside the room.

For Investigator Cobb, to say that I  didn't detect a picture being taken from behind my back with flash should further prove the unalertness of staff during the incident due to neither staff being aware that these pictures were taken is ridiculous. The glass is tinted and specially  designed the keep the light in the hallway out of the room at night; which, is why the inside of the room was so dark that he had to open the bathroom door to make log entries. The tinted glass would have made it impossible to see the flash of a cellphone camera inside the room.

Nurse Johnna Cooke is not some impartial observer. She allegedly has cost dozens of black officers their jobs with her bogus observations. The pictures provided by Maury are clearly fabricated which is a criminal offense.

 The investigation as conducted by Captain Cobb was entirely racist. He never talked to Nurse Cooke who was multitasking and only looked into the room for a few brief seconds the duration of which is unknown in passing over a fifteen minute period.

Nurse Ian Nott was listed by me as a witness with information relative to the investigation on the very first Employee/Witness Statement Form that I signed. Captain Cobb lied about this under oath stating that Mr. Brown had never listed him as a potential witness. What made Captain Cobb's investigation so biased was that Nurse Ian was the nurse that was actually attending to the inmate and he actually entered the inmate's room on numerous occasions from every direction possible and he states that, "he did not see anyone sleeping." Nurse Ian was attending to the inmate, not Nurse Cooke.

I was the only candidate selected to be promoted to Sergeant on December 11, 2012 for Position Number 60060240. Petitioner's Exhibit 1 also shows that I had no active disciplinary and my last tap was VG or Very Good. I was hired at Bertie Correctional Institution. On December 11, 2012, Maury Correctional Institution Superintendent Dennis Daniels calls back and has them remove me from consideration due to a negative employment reference check. I had no active disciplinary, a Very Good in my taps, no written warnings, action plans, etc. It isn't possible to have a negative reference. 

In Brown v. NCDPS dated February 19, 2014 as reported by Capital Reporting, Inc.

Page 143-144: Cross Examination of Dennis Macre Daniels

A. Reading it and having been with the department for 34 years, it stating that his person received a negative employment reference from someone, yes.

Q. Right. Did you have an opportunity to discuss Mr. Brown with the superintendent of this facility?

A. I did.

I was advised that he was interviewing at Bertie. And I was asked for a reference, what kind of employee he was, which is common practice among administrators and superintendents for those employees applying at a facility that you don't know.

In the Video Taped Deposition of Dennis Daniels In the GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE

SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION FILE NO. 13-CVS-16401 dated June 11, 2015 .

By Hedyt Philbeck (Former Attorney for Lenton Brown)

Block 29. Q. Were you ever asked to provide a reference for Mr. Brown?

A. Daniels says, "No".

Q. Did you ever provide a reference for Mr. Brown?

A. Not to my knowledge. I have never- I can't recall ever having anyone to call and ask me personally about a reference for Mr. Brown.

Block 30. A. Normally, if he's applying, or he or she, is applying for a position at another facility or anywhere else, they normally will call the personnel section and ask if there's any disciplinaries or anything one file.

A. And it's not normal for anyone to call me personally in reference to someone applying for a promotion, et cetera.

A. It would not be normal practice?  It's not normal.

Q. Do you recall anyone calling you about Mr. Brown as far as promotional opportunity?

A. I don't recall, no, sir.

Q. Uh-huh. Do you recall being in contact with anyone at Bertie Correctional Institute to discuss Mr. Brown?

A. No, I don't recall.

 My North Carolina Office of State Human Resources Application Status Sheet showing I had applied for 33 Positions shows Tammy McGree Hired for the position at Bertie on January 25, 2014.

According to Discovery in Case No: 13-CVS-16401 preparedby Ms. Harrison, (the State's Attorney) the position was filled on August 19, 2013 by Michael Horder; even though, she stated during OAH Proceedings that the position was reposted and Tammy McGee was hired for it in February 2013.

The significance of portraying Tammy McGee as having been hired for the position on January 25, 2013 is absolutely egregious and shows the level of deception, and conspiracy that Mr. Daniels and State's Attorney Ms. Harrison undertook to cover up the fact that I was hired for the Sergeant's position at Bertie in violation of RICO.

With Captain Cobb as Chairman of the Selection Committee (a black individual and a female serving as window dressing) coupled with Assistant Superintendent Herring allegedly making the selection; from September 1, 2012 through December 12, 2013, Maury Correctional Institution failed to promote allegedly a single black male officer from correctional officer to correctional sergeant who was already employed at Maury; while allegedly promoting numerous white males from correctional officer to correctional sergeant during the same time frame; many without any experience in closed custody.

I interviewed at Maury Correctional Institution at least 15 times for numerous positions and was denied promotion to Correctional Sergeant each and every time; while the white officer, Officer Russell, who had allegedly used excessive force on several inmates was promoted the very first time he interviewed, although he quit coming to work for several months. State Policy required that he be terminated after 3 no calls/no shows.

As part of the Equal Employment Act of 1972, Congress extended Title VII to the states in response to evidence of race, gender, and national-origin discrimination by state employers.

Tiffany Kerner stated that there were 90 black male officers and roughly 70 white male officers. When you look at the number of sergeants; white male sergeants outnumber black male sergeants by 2 to 1. I filed 8 Federal EEOC Civil Right Complaints.

In a Memorandum to George Solomon, Director of Prisons dated April 22, 2013, Mr. Robey Lee, Contractual Investigator states that “I reviewed Mr. Brown's TAPs package for the periods of 12-1-10 to 11-30-11 and from 12-1-11 to 11-30-12. After reviewing the TAP package for 12 -1-11 to 11-3-12, Mr. Brown's statement about not receiving a work plan, interim review of final review in a timely manner is correct.

       The date of the final evaluation is dated 3-20-13, which is after the date he filed his complaint with the EEO office. The comments on the 12-1-11 to 11-30- 12 TAP state,  “Due to Administrative oversight interim was not completed nor was the work plan discussion.

       Final late due to Administrative oversight. Employee refused to sign due to he felt he should have received more than a good TAP entry.”

       It should be noted on the 12-1-10 to 11-30-11 TAP, Mr. Brown received an overall evaluation of Very Good and on the 12-1-11 to 11-30-12 TAP he received an overall rating of Good.  

       In the interview with Mr. Brown, he indicated he refused to sign the corrected evaluation because it is not an accurate reflection on his performance of duties as a Correctional Officer.

      My investigation reveals that this allegation has merit because the evaluation was not done in a timely manner. My investigation into the operational issues substantiated that the TAPS for 12-1-10 through 11-30-11 were not handled according to policy.

After stern warnings from Mr. Soloman,   Superintendent Dennis McCrea Daniels and Mr. Park continued using the evaluation which they knew did not conform to policy; while concealing the fact the I had received 12-01-11 to 11-30-12 which contained a VG in practically every category with numerous outstandings. 

   Mr. Parks and Administrator  Dennis McCrea Daniels also allegedly made sure that I could never receive a copy of the Final Agency Determination which was Step 2. of the Evaluation Appeal Process under the Old OAH System. 

    Assistant Unit Manager Syndey Smith wrote the first four months of this evaluation that did not conform to policy.  He stated under oath that he didn't know who wrote the remainder of the evaluation. Mr.  Smith was the same individual involved the excessive use of force incident involving Inmate Mullins.  Mr. Smith was not in my chain of command for 1 minute during the period for which he wrote the evaluation.  Mr. Daniels removed Sergeant Wade from my Chain of Command.  Sergeant Wade said that "he had listened to everything that had been said about me.  I had done everything that he wanted me to do and that my evaluation would be a very good across the board in every category".  Mr. Daniels alleged forced Sergeant Wade out of my chain of command and replaced him with Sergeant Beasley, an alleged racist pathological liar.  

According to the Video Deposition of Captain Mark Fleming,, Mr. Daniels, the Administrator was responsible for filing the color photos of Inmate Mullins which would have shown a huge tear in the inmate's chin and Officer Russell's knuckle print above his eye where he was struck seven times.

By Hedyt Philbeck ( Former Attorney for Lenton Brown)

Attached to Mark Flemings report was an out of focus black and white picture of which Mr. Flemings says, "It's an individual. I cannot say who it is."

(Sections 64-65)

Q. You don't know one way or the other?

A. No, I do not.

Q. Is it part of your investigation?

A. It appears to be.

Q. Okay. It's attached to your report, though?

A. I understand that.

Q. You don't know even if it's the individual who claimed to be hurt, the inmate, do you?

A. Not sitting her today, I don't know.

Q. Zachery Mullins. It could be somebody else?

A. It could be.

Q. Zachery Mullins claimed to have a chin injury. Do you see a chin injury here.

A. Well considering they're black and white.

Q. Hard to make out anything, isn't it?

A. I can't tell you what he's got.

Q. Who would have the pictures? Obviously, your department has custody of pictures of - of the inmate, if he's injured, as they would any medical.

Who would retain custody of those; what individual within the department?

A. The Administrator files those.

Q. Files, them with who? With the Regional Director?

A. They're are filed at our facility.

Q. And kept -

A. Yes.

Q. -pursuant to policy?

A. Yes.

Once again, Mr. Dennis Macre Daniels has chosen to allegedly engage in conspiracy by altering evidence in Violation of the RICO statute.

The out of focus black and white pictures were of a general population inmate which I recognized. The pictures were clearly not of Inmate Zachery Mullins. The Department of Corrections officially stopped using black and white film in 2008.

One of the problems is that none of the investigators at Maury knows of any guidelines for conducting investigations. Lt. Fleming in his deposition (Section 28) says, "it is standard where you're going to conduct an investigation where you're the OIC for a matter; even if the OIC was part of that decision-making for the use of force."

 Two DPS Secretaries assigned the DPS EEO to conduct investigations into the issues surrounding  the retaliation and discrimination that I have experienced. The problem is the DPS EEO doesn't do investigations, they only engage allegedly in coverups.   Tiffany Kerner in her EEO Determination states, "Brown contends that all of his problems began after he angered retired Captain Edwards by reporting excessive force by an officer."  Captain Edwards retired in disgrace more than a year before the incident in which I reported excessive force occurred.  Tiffany Kerner falsified all my responses in her report. 

False statements from Tiffany Kerner and her bogus EEO Determination were entered into the OAH proceeding and used to supplant my testimony.  Statements that I never made were falsely attributed to me.

   The investigation done by Gloria Ellerbe was even worse.  I have never been allowed to see it; much less contest the contents.  Both investigators took sixty days to conduct the investigations and both investigators knew that the results of the investigation were going to be "Insufficient Evidence" Day 1.

  Wayne Harris allegedly runs interference for corrupt Superintendents like Dennis Daniels.  As an officer with an appointment at the East Regional Officer, I was not allowed to speak to the Regional.   I was asked to leave Wayne Harris's office while he undoubtedly called Dennis Daniels.  Wayne Harris ordered a DPS EEO investigation which was guaranteed to conclude "insufficient evidence" in just 60 days while the discrimination continued.

The entire system is broken.  During the OAH proceedings, the Judge presiding over the case failed to considered Ian Nott's Video Deposition as evidence.

    For the Petitioner: It states that there were no witnesses.

    Nurse Ian Nott was listed by me as a witness with information relative to the investigation on the very first Employee/Witness Statement Form that I signed.  Captain Cobb lied about this under oath stating that Mr. Brown had never listed him as a potential witness.  What made Captain Cobb's investigation so biased was that Nurse Ian was the nurse that was actually attending to the inmate and he actually entered the inmate's room on numerous occasions from every direction possible and he states that, "he did not see anyone sleeping."  Nurse Ian was attending to the inmate, not Nurse Cooke.
Nurse Ian Nott's video deposition should have considered as evidence in the case. 

25. 32. Daniels stated specifically, suspension would not have been satisfactory discipline for Petitioner, because Petitioner had a similar situation where he had been found non-alert, and issued disciplinary action for being non-alert. Daniels explained, "To have received disciplinary for something similar, that would have been enough training for me. I wouldn't have done that one again."

This is a clear reference to the only Written Warning that I ever received in 2007 as a result of being sent to the Vidant Medical with Kristy Radford. The Written Warning and RN Cindy Joyner statement reported that at approximately 5:30 a.m. she observed a female officer wrapped in a blanket; her eyes were closed. Dennis McCrea Daniels and Mr. Parks allegedly altered the documents placing me in the same blanket at 0530 that Mrs. Radford was found in Violation of RICO.

 Furthermore 8.3 Discipline/Appeals/Grievances Section 7, Page 2, Revised: February 1, 2011 which states Inactive Disciplinary Action-a disciplinary action taken after October 1, 1995 becomes inactive,i.e., cannot be counted towards the number of prior disciplinary actions that must be received before further disciplinary action can be taken for unsatisfactory job performance when: eighteen (18) months have passed since issuance of the warning or disciplinary action, the employee does not have another active warning or disciplinary action which occurred within the last 18 months. 

On May 13, 2013 during the Step. 2 Committee Advisory Hearing, Mr. Parks stated only two people had been caught sleeping at Vidant Medical and they had both been fired.

Nicholas Squiciarino, a white officer, who was caught sleeping at Vidant Medical on the MICU received a written warning for sleeping in the I-CON or M-CON inmate's room, eating in the patient's room in violation of hospital policy and getting caught on camera placing a whole loaf of bread in an inmate's cell on Gray Unit. Captain Watson informed that he was going to be receiving a Written Warning in front of me. The investigation didn't take anywhere near 10 days.

The dates of the Documents in the Ginger Barnes case were altered. She was caught sleeping in the 2013 just weeks after the incident involving Mrs. Smith and me. Mr. Parks allegedly altered the documents and made it appear it happened the previous year; even though, we were under investigation at the same time.

Correctional Officer Ginger Barnes-issued a Written Warning for Grossly Inefficient Job Performance. This written warning is a result of your failure to remain alert on hospital duty.

 Officer Whaley, who is white, left her gun in the bathroom at Vidant Medical and had to go back the next day to get it; received a written warning.

Assistant Unit Manager Singleton reported that on Blue Unit, one shift went over two hours without anyone making a single round and nobody was dismissed.

On September 6, 2010, Charles E. Branch, 40, another state prisoner at MCI, was discovered unresponsive in his cell. He was taken to a hospital in Greenville where he was pronounced dead. (1) The inmate was not found unresponsive, he was found dead!!!

Mrs. White, the former Superintendent had placed Captain Doris Edwards, Lt. Higginbotham, and Connie Albritton under an SBI investigation for being unduly familiar with several inmates. Captain Doris Edwards had been arranging dinner parties for several of the inmate janitors that worked in Operations especially Inmates Kenny Battle and Alvin Person since 2008. There were allegations that Captain Edwards, and Officer Albritton were allegedly having sex with the inmates and providing them with marijuana. Inmate Alvin Person allegedly confirmed this. One night on Green Unit several years ago, Inmate Charles Branch was beat to death during one of Captain Edward's dinner parties. Almost all of the officers came down off of the Unit. According to witnesses, Captain Doris Edwards, Lt. Higginbotham, and Connie Albritton, and the Green Unit Sergeant Outlaw were in the back cooking on the grill while Inmate Branch was being beaten to death. Captain Doris Edwards allegedly made sure that Inmate Battle allegedly received a steak dinner which was sent up to his cell.

Mr. Daniels, a very close friend of Captain Edwards allegedly framed Captain Terry Simmons as a result of this incident. Captain Terry Simmons had nothing to do with Captain Edward's dinner party and wasn't in the building the night the inmate was beaten to death. Terry Simmons in an alleged deliberate effort to obstruct justice and derail a SBI investigation served as the perfect scapegoat. Captain Terry Simmons allegedly had a nervous breakdown while Captain Doris Edwards was allowed to retire.

Officer Connie Albritton, who was already under an SBI Investigation for having sex with an inmate was found by Sergeant Lee, Officer Capehart, and Officer Diaz in Programs; which is normally an isolated area on the night shift, allegedly having sex with another inmate while under the initial SBI Investigation. She was cleared while Mr. Daniels and Mr. Herring allegedly found a way to get rid of all three witnesses.

I was recently flabbergasted to learn that Lt. Kevin Daniels had retired from Maury Correctional Institution. I reported him over two years ago to Assistant Superintendent Herring for falsifying government documents. He had not been at Maury as much as two weeks in the past two years. Specifically, Lt. Kevin Daniels was paying Connie Albritton who came under two investigations for allegedly having sex with two separate inmates sick time; even though, she had more than 33 no call/no shows in her last six months of employment and couldn't have had 30 seconds of sick time on the books. Policy required that she be terminated after 3 no call/no shows. It appears that Assistant Superintendent Herring failed to terminate or to prosecute Lt. Kevin Daniels for falsifying government documents as well.

   Mr. Daniels allegedly ran interference for Captain Doris Edwards, Lt. Higginbotham, and Officer Connie Albritton. None of them came to work any of the numerous times the SBI came to interview them. The local SBI agent who was from Kinston allegedly cleared all three individuals without ever talking to any of them.

Under Mr. Daniels, and Mr. Herring there has been no fairness or consistency in promotions, evaluations, discipline, or inmate grievances. Mr. Syndey Smith as a sergeant received a DWI or DUI and was unable to drive his own vehicle even to work. As a sergeant, he went to Vidant Medical and allegedly brought Officer Bailey her lunch. He enticed her to allegedly leave the inmate she was guarding and to have sex at his apartment for an hour and an a half. Officer Worthington was left to guard the inmate by himself. Sgt. Smith bragged so much that he was placed under investigation and was later cleared.

On August 13, 2012, an inmate in D-15 made it through 8 doors and was found near the Staff Canteen. That same day, an inmate in the yard whose cage had not been properly locked simply handed the lock over to the officer working in the yard. After this incident, Assistant Unit Manager Gray who was in charge was promoted to Lieutenant and the Sergeant, Sergeant Smith was promoted to Assistant Unit Manager. Officer Darden who is black was fired on his first day of working on Gray Unit for the incidents that Assistant Unit Manager Gray and Sergeant Smith were responsible.

Sergeant Smith was sleeping with Officer Bailey the same time that Mr. Daniels was allegedly sleeping with her. Officer Bailey allegedly got pregnant. Numerous inappropriate text messages turned up on Bailey's cellphone and Mr. Daniel was walked out the door and placed under investigation. Mr. Smith helped him get his job back. Sgt . Smith was promoted to Assistant Unit Manager over sergeants with 20 and 30 years although he was responsible for running the worst ran shift on Grey Unit.

Mrs. Tyneisha Murray can attest that she reported to Assistant Manager Smith that Officer Branch and another white officer routinely sleep in the Control Booths and in J or K Circle. Not only was Officer Branch not placed under investigation and terminated, they simply turned up the lights in the Control Booth for a week or two to obtained proof.

Apparently, the statement of a single black female officer was not good enough to place a white male officer under investigation. For two weeks, Officer Branch could be seen sleeping in the Control Booth with the lights on, on a nightly basis and still no disciplinary action was taken.

When Officer Rhodes was being cut in the face by an inmate recently, the officers around him failed to respond. They failed to call a Code 7, failed to use pepper spray, failed to pull their batons, or use CRDT. When asked why they hadn't responded, “They were in fear of losing their jobs.” The massive senseless firings or purges of black male officers at Maury Correctional Institution in some cases were not only illegal but violations of Federal Civil Rights Laws and State Policy.

Simply stated both Mr. Daniels and Mr. Herring have allegedly engaged in conspiracy, obstruction of justice, retaliation, and racketeering, and abuse of authority in violation of RICO as well Federal Civil Rights Laws, International Law, and State Policy. Both need to be removed from their positions, placed under Federal Criminal Investigation and prosecuted under RICO. It is time to bring the Reign of Terror at Maury Correctional Institution to an end.

Hundreds of officers (many of them black males) have lost their jobs due to Mr. Dennis Macre Daniels, lying under Oath, destroying evidence, withholding evidence, altering documents in violation of RICO, State Policy, Title 7 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the State's Whistleblower Laws; coupled with limited ability to comprehend State Policy.

On 4 November 2010, I began my workday at 5:45 a.m. at Maury. I drove the chase vehicle to Pitt County Memorial Hospital to escort Greene County EMS. We were not relieved until 12 a.m. on 5 November 2012 (the following day) and then we had to drive back to Maury to clock out.


In the writeup for Captain Edwards I wrote, " Captain Edwards sent reliefs for the other two officers that were guarding a prisoner at PCMH directly from muster. Captain Edwards knew at 5:45 p.m. that there were still two officers at the hospital waiting to be relieved. There is absolutely no reason why one set of officers were relieved in a timely manner and the second set of officers were not relieved until after 12:01 a.m. the next day.

Secondly, second shift under the direction of Captain Edwards appears to have been fully staffed night. We were told that there were three people in Master Control and two in the yard.


Captain Edwards had us work an 18 hour workday in Violation of Federal Law. Mr. Daniels, Mr. Herring, Captain Watson were aware of the harassment. Captain Edwards was not relieved of her duties and placed under investigation. Nor was higher management informed of this incident as required by Federal Law. No investigator ever contacted me concerning this incident. Unbeknown to us, Captain Edwards had her sister, a PCMH employee, running in and out of the room playing the role of the impartial observer hoping to catch me sleeping. Dennis Daniels not only failed to take disciplinary action against Captain Edward; he adopted her grudges and her methods as well.


The entire situation appears to have been a set up. On July 20, 2013, Sergeant Beasley told me after a meeting with Lt. Gray in the Lieutenant's Office that he was going to have me assigned to the hospital on Sunday, July 21, 2013. He had always maintained that he had no control over shift assignments..


It seems that someone had the bright idea to replicate the only situation in which I had ever received a written warning 6 years ago and that was to send me to the hospital with a female officer working two jobs back-to-back and with a known reputation for sleeping. Officer Branch was telling that I had been placed under investigation all over Blue Unit before I had ever finished signing the paperwork. Interestingly enough, Lt. Gray was the only OIC the day I was sent to the hospital as well as the day I was placed under investigation.
Just before muster with Mr. Gray standing at the podium, Officer Branch tells Lt. Gray that Brown says, “he is going to get out of it.” Lt. Gray looked at me and laughed.

On August 26, 2013, I called Mr. Daniels about using a state vehicle for a Level 2 Taps Hearing. I was told only one vehicle could go in that direction.

I asked Mr. Daniels what Mr. Lee told me to ask him, “Why it was he had not promoted me?” He accused me of discussing an investigation. He stated I was out of order. He suggested I talk to RC Lee and Gloria Butler. He tried to transfer my call. The phone didn't hang up. He stated that he was going to use every ounce of the influence he had to get rid of me.

On or about October 4, 2013, Lt. Gray sent me back to Vidant Medical with a new officer who had never been to the hospital before and had me train him. Dennis Daniels cussed him like a dog for sending me to the hospital while I was still under investigation; enough though by policy the investigation should have ended months ago.

I do recall interviewing for a Sergeant's Position at Maury on November 5, 2013 and the humiliating experience of being escorted to a meeting with Mr. Daniels where I was informed that a Pre-Disciplinary Conference was to occur the following day. I also remember Captain Jamie Cobb just snickering as Mr. Parks waited to escort me to a Pre-Disciplinary Conference.

There have been numerous attempts to write me up as well as to set me up over the years. On Sunday, September 1, 2013, I was in K Circle. An inmate was standing at the podium wearing a green hat. Sgt. Beasley was standing in the middle of the hallway. He first wanted to know, “why the inmate was at the podium?” I was the only officer on K side period. He ordered me to bring the inmate's hat to him. Sgt. Beasley stated to another inmate that when I failed to get the inmate's hat; that he was going to write up the inmate, and that he was also going to write up Officer Brown. He also stated to the inmate that he was the one running this.

Rodger Hanson threatened Officer Murray and used racial language toward her. He was escorted off the Blue Unit by Sergeants Beasley and Kelly. In about an hour, Lt. Gray allowed him to return back to the unit instead of placing him in Lock-up.

Lt.. John Raymond Gray has had excessive use of force charges for decades going all the way back to his days at Eastern Correctional. Lt. Gray would allegedly teach white officers like Officer Russell, and Officer Strickland how to use excessive force and how to get away with it. Lt. Gray allegedly told a white officer if you want beat an inmate you simply put the handcuffs on too tight; if that doesn't make him buck, you hold them by the arm as tight as possible; if that doesn't work you simply shift them in a different direction and it will look normal on camera.

Lt. John Raymond Gray was under investigation for using excessive force on July 21-23, 2013, when he participated in framing me at Vidant Medical.

On November 27, 2013 at approximately 2006 while making rounds in Blue Unit A pod, I came down the stairwell and was assaulted by Inmate Michael S. Acklin by multiple strikes to the face and chest with closed fist.
The inmate was ordered to be taken to intake by Lt. John Raymond Gray where he was beaten by Lt. Gray and numerous sergeants simultaneously. I was in Medical being accessed for injuries. The inmate could be heard hollering and yelling in agony non-stop for over a half hour. Everyone of the medical staff said, ”I don't hear a thing”. When it was over Lt. Gray had the inmate moved to lock-up on Red Unit and had medical to come to Red Unit to access the damages so that no one in Medical could see what had been done to him. One sergeant said to me that when they were finished with him his body was contorted. Nothing happens at Maury unless allegedly authorized by Mr. Herring or Mr. Daniels.

The nurses both former and current who worked in Main Medical on B nights who can attest that Mr. Grey routinely brought inmates down into intake to be beaten and that Mr. Daniels and Mr. Herring were quite aware of it and approved.

The Department of Correction Personnel Manual, Section 6, Appendix B, defines grossly inefficient job performance as, “Unsatisfactory job performance that occurs in instances in which the employee fails to satisfactorily perform job requirements as specified in the relevant job description, work standard, or as directed by the supervisor(s) or manager(s) of the work unit; and that failure results in: 1. Creation of the potential for death or serious bodily injury to an employee(s) or members of the public or to a person(s) over whom the employee has responsibility”. In the same policy, B. Examples, one example of grossly inefficient job performance is (1). Brutality or excessive use of force in the performance of duties.

For Lt. Gray to order Inmate Michael S. Acklin to intake where he and numerous sergeant's beat him so badly that he could be heard hollering and yelling in agony non-stop for over a half hour and to have the inmate moved to lock-up and to order Medical to access the damages to his contorted body there without any chance of obtaining medical treatment at a hospital is unsatisfactory job performance which should result in termination. Simply being prescribed medication by Maury's own health care provider, setting in a chair while black is not unsatisfactory job performance and under no circumstances should it result in an individual with no active written warnings being terminated.

I should not have been dismissed as an adverse reaction to litigation filed in the Courts on December 10, 2014 under the NC Gen. Stat. 126-84, et seq. (“Whistleblower Act”).

Mr. Dennis Macre Daniels who lied during a Deposition about giving Mr. Brown a negative reference which cost Mr. Brown his promotion to sergeant at Bertie.

Mr. Parks who was in the OAH Proceeding when Mr. Daniels stated that he had given Mr. Brown the "negative employment reference."

Mr. Parks speaking on behalf of the Department of Public Safety as Reported by:


POST OFFICE BOX 1401, CARY, N.C. 27512

(919) 387-5853 (800) 261-3309.

By Attorney Hedyt Philbeck (Former Attorney for Lenton Brown)

14. Do you recognize the content of that or what

15 that's making reference to?

16 A. Oh, yeah. It says that Mr. Brown was removed

17 from consideration for that sergeant position, she

18 mentioned at the bottom, due to somebody giving a

19 negative employment reference.


20 Q. And do you have personal knowledge as to who

21 gave a negative employment reference about Mr. Brown?


22 A. I do not. All I gave was right there.


23 Q. Do you know anyone who has -- does have

24 personal acknowledge as to who gave a negative

25 employment reference about Mr. Brown as referred in --


1 referenced in Exhibit 10?

2 A. I'm trying to remember the last case we were

3 involved.

4 I do not know where -- I do not have personal

5 knowledge of where the negative reference came from.


6 Q. Do you have any knowledge of anyone who does

7 know where the negative employment reference came

8 from?

9 A. I do not.

10 Q. So, while the content -- I take it you

11 recognize the significance of the content?

 12 A. Oh, absolutely.

13 Q. You don't recognize what it's making reference

14 to; anything specific about it?

15 A. I don't -- I don't recognize what -- who or

16 what was negative, you know, I do not.


POST OFFICE BOX 1401, CARY, N.C. 27512

(919) 387-5853 (800) 261-3309

Although Mr. Parks stated that he did not know where -- I do not have personal knowledge of where the negative reference came from.

I don't -- I don't recognize what -- who or what was negative, you know, I do not.

Mr. Daniels and Mr. Parks have and continue to abuse their authority by using the Resources of the State of North Carolina to violate Mr. Brown's Federal Civil Rights.

We don't need anymore criminals retiring on the State of North Carolina. Administrator Mr. Dennis McCrea Daniels stated that he was going to use every ounce of his influence to get rid of me. The former lawyer representing me filed the Proposed Decision in my OAH Proceeding two weeks after the deadline, he filed the Appeal to the OAH Decision in District Court instead of the North Carolina Court of Appeals despite the fact that the Judge's Order told him explicitly where to file the appeal. My former attorney just recently informed me he had filed my DES Lawsuit in the wrong county. It wasn't until I had a conversation with a Sergeant at Bertie Correctional that I began to fully comprehend what was going on. As a result of that conversation, I was denied documents in my own proceeding by a lawyer who was suppose to be representing me. I never dreamed that Mr. Daniels would allegedly conspire to violate my Constitutional Fifth Amendment Right To Due Process and my 14th Amendment Right to Equal Protection. Mr. Daniels and Mr. Herring have allegedly engaged in conspiracy, obstruction of justice, retaliation, and racketeering in violation of RICO as well Federal Civil Rights Laws, International Law, and State Policy. Both need to be removed from their positions, placed under Federal Criminal Investigation and prosecuted under RICO. It is time to bring the Reign of Terror at Maury Correctional Institution to an end.
Hundreds of officers (many of them black males) have lost their jobs due to Mr. Dennis Macre Daniels, lying under Oath, destroying evidence, withholding evidence, altering documents in violation of RICO, State Policy, Title 7 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the State's Whistleblower Law, and Section 1981 Federal Statutes; coupled with his limited ability to comprehend State Policy and the issue surrounding their bogus investigations.

        In the response to the Petition to Fire Maury Superintendent Dennis Daniels,Mr. Daniels has allegedly had the IT people at Maury routine hack Maury Correctional Institution's Unofficial Page on Facebook replacing the directions to the Petition and the Picture of Manikin Smith.

 The Petition itself was hacked numerous times and placed with a picture of a female bending over totally exposed with no underwear, pornography, and links to pornographic website.   

                                                        Lenton Credelle Brown

                                                         Post Office Box 248


                                                         Winterville, North Carolina


Mr. Brown can be contacted at


1. Deaths of Three North Carolina Prisoners Raise Suspicions

Loaded on July 15,th 2011by Matthew Clarkepublished in Prison Legal News July, 2011, page 12

Filed under: Guard Misconduct, Excessive Force, Guard Brutality/Beatings, Failure to Protect (Wrongful Death), Mental Health, Suicides. Location: North Carolina.

















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